When Saying “No” is a High Frequency Act

I remember about five years ago a research came out showing brain changes in children who repeatedly heard “no”. I explored this idea and noticed saying the word “no” caused people’s fields to contract. I also recall how my yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar taught yoga by showing and saying what he wanted his students to do. He even trained teachers to show and say what they wanted, NEVER what they did not want or what was “wrong”. This always struck me deeply. He explained if you say “do not do”, people will invariably “do” exactly that. It also made me think about children and how this might apply nicely when teaching or care-giving.

I tried out the concept and made a practice out of saying “yes”. Truthfully, my practice only lasted five days. It was almost impossible to always say “yes”. My takeaway at the time: if saying “yes” does not cost you anything or cause harm to yourself, the by all means say “yes”. Saying yes definitely expanded my energy field out. THEN when it was not okay to say yes, forcing a yes actually contracted my energy field. What a huge revelation!

This theme of saying “no” arose this month for me when on several occasions because of the flow of life, I had to say no. In the moment, my angst over saying no caused some stress, until one incidence of saying “no” translated into a MAJOR “yes” for me and my health. I remember feeling relieved with a sudden burst of energy.

Now, I became curious, when does saying “no” cause us to move into High Frequency? When is it actually positive to say “no”? After reflection, I came up with some examples.

Maybe these can help you? AND even maybe you can think of other examples? Definitely email us using our contact form, if you think of any examples.

When Saying “No” Is a High Frequency Action

📌 If saying “yes” causes you harm, or could cause you to suffer.

📌 When saying “no” to another person means saying “YES” to yourself.

📌 Say “no” to a behavior or a substance that would spiral you down.

📌 When saying “no” creates a healthy boundary for you.

📌 Say “no” when you FEEL like saying no.

📌 Say “no” when this decision spirals you up into more power.

📌 Say “no” when you do not feel safe or even confident.

📌 Say “no” to create a healthy living or working environment.

Though just a few general examples, I hope these help to understand the context of creating a High Frequency Life!

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