How Mind Body Symphony Nourishes High Frequency

Recent off the chart high stress and strain in my personal life spurred me to watch my mind body response. I was curious about what it actually required for me to remain, calm, clear headed, focused, action oriented, positive, and to maintain a genuine happy mood — not a fake forced self talk of “all is good” while my inner being is boiling with anger, fear, frustration that shot out sideways to my near and dear loved ones.

Keeping my physical body in an energy generating, healthy vital state as an organism created the proper “house” in which my mind remained grounded and felt safe. Seems obvious right? Well, the learning came in the brief and rare moments when stress overwhelmed my body and threw my gut off balance (easily remedied with high doses of digestive enzymes).

In those moments when I did not feel well, I noticed the struggle to maintain my mental well being and high frequency. Thank goodness for my huge tool kit and years of practice maintaining high frequency! I could turn the situation around fast. The learning? When my wellness tanked, I noticed my inner sensations and how they were exactly what I experienced before as the norm in life!! Pausing for a breath.

At that time in my life, I did not realize my wellness meter and life experience was subpar because I had nothing to measure it against. I truly see now why shifting to a diet and physical strategy that promotes metabolic strength and generative energy creates and sustains a creative, curious, open, strong high frequency body to house a curious, open, creative, high frequency mind and that together they generate a high vibrational human Presence – soul.

Attempting to reach such a strong balanced soul state by driving only one of the two legs of body or mind in a balanced system throws the system off balance and until both are addressed, the capacity to reach peace and joy in our inner being or soul remain practically nil. We might touch in from time to time, but to sustain that state as the norm needs the overall balance.

I started my journey by pulling with my mind and high frequency. Eventually my body demanded my attention. I ignored it for as long as possible and to the edge just before any real illness set in. Thank goodness I had enough background to start a true physical healing journey towards true health. I now experience my body truly healing and feeling strong and balanced as never before! The signs?

  • Sustained full-on vital energy all day (before I had good energy but noticed that in the evenings and weekends needed to rest often to keep my vitality strong).
  • Healthy balanced sleep free from insomnia that plagued me for a few years.
  • After beginning high dose natural progesterone therapy, ALL my peri menopausal symptoms shifted in two weeks. I now have the healthiest female cycle that I have ever had!
  • My will for goodness and light never waivers EVEN in moments of frustration and stress. The difference from before? Effortlessness, before I “efforted” much more to achieve the same.
  • Life flows in a different experience of ease and effortlessness. Rather than feeling like I need to push life towards my benefit, I focus on generative energy well being and life itself flows with great ease. I know this is a subtle distinction, and yet it is soooo noticeable.

Hope this helps and thank you for coming with me on this incredible adventure called life!! As creator forces of Divine, we navigate our lives and create our adventure. Feeling blessed that we have joined forces.

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