Working on All Layers to Make Lasting Transformation

I love how my work, Self Synthesize! touches into all layers of a person: mind, energy, emotions, physical body. Approaching a problem from only one avenue limits our effectiveness for profound shifts and healing. Rather, come with a big tool kit; a plethora of ways to interact with the element we want to change.

This multi-level approach gives us a greater chance for success. And in truth, I find it virtually impossible to separate layers and elements within us. They intertwine within us much like a beautiful symbiotic forest!

I have worked with women suffering from underdeveloped bodies: imbalanced hormones, no regular menstrual cycles, underdeveloped breasts, and a body shape of a small girl; needless to say, an unhealthy state of existence.

I created a long term plan for transformation and slowly worked with their beliefs, with their self image, with their emotions, with changing their diet, including a brief dietary detox. 

By moving slowly, these changes became their way of life. As a result, we changed the shape of their bodies in less than a year! 

  • From a very straight board like figure to a feminine figure with beautiful curves. 
  • An underdeveloped child’s body became a beautiful womanly body.
  • Even skin problems, chronic acne completely cleared out.

These examples show the profound results from working on all layers!

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