Celebrating You!

My birthday was earlier this month and one of my friends sent me an email with the subject line “Celebrating You!” I loved her title and thought to myself, “What a great blog title!” So many of us spend a large amount of time and resources celebrating other people, which is a beautiful sentiment. What about celebrating ourselves? When was the last time you celebrated you? Your birthday?

I interpret “Celebrating You” as an appreciation of who you are without any thought or need to “change yourself”, make yourself “better”, “smarter”, “more attractive”, really anything that you perceive needs to be different from what and who you fundamentally are as a human expression. The same week, I also received a Arcturian newsletter with this thought:

There is nothing you can do to become more of what you already are.
— Arcturian

My eyes opened wide when I read this idea and I thought, “EXACTLY!” I suddenly remembered several times this year when I felt such a deep sense of self appreciation. I recall experiencing a profound sense of being nourished and full. Simply our very presence, our aliveness contributes to the world. Knowing that we do not need to “be” a certain way or “do” a certain behavior to be worthy of abundance, joy or love can be the most freeing realization. Our existence alone makes us worthy. Powerful concept.

How to move this idea from conceptualization into practice? Notice how difficult it is to consistently and sustainably “celebrate you” with no judgment, no expectation. I wanted to share how I peak up into this consciousness from time to time. I have not yet sustained emotionally this deep, deep nourished state 24/7, only mentally have I sustained this belief. The great news? I have repeatedly, consciously reached up into this state. If I can, we all can!

Here are some sample choices:

📌 maintaining High Frequency

📌 nourishing home-cooked nutrient dense, additive free whole foods       

📌 7-8 hours sleep

📌 daily 20 min meditation

📌 daily yoga practice

📌 repetitively choosing positive reframes

📌 hugging and loving ourselves everyday

📌 actively noticing how life works for our benefit

📌 maintaining inner communication with our deeper inner selves.

📌 relentlessly choosing to spiral up

Over time with each attempt, the effort becomes easier. Keep trying, take just one item from the list above and work on that for one month. That one practice will shift your center of gravity, your consciousness to a new higher frequency. Do not believe me, I beg you – lol.
Try and test my theory to discover for yourself. I leave you with a most precious example of Celebrating You.

Lisa Ferraro

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