Steadiness During Disruptive Life Changes

What person on the planet lives in a world with no change? I consider change one of the fundamental tenets of life: life is change. And yet, who receives training or courses in managing change with healthy adaptive strategies? I never saw one course teaching strategies for adapting to change during my school or university years. I sort of stumbled in the dark, letting life’s lessons slowly teach me.

Seriously, does this seem tragically wrong to you like it does me? With proper training to develop good skills and tools, maybe the ever rising drug and alcohol problems would begin to subside?

Bookmark this page or copy the strategies into a journal for quick reference. I have shared these with clients and friends over the years. These high frequency measures are road tested and found to be fairly solid ways to manage the stress of change.

📌 Remember the vastly helpful wisdom: “This too shall pass.” Truthfully, hold this one close to your heart and we can stop here! Seriously. Of course, I will offer more methods; I simply want to emphasize the profundity of this wisdom.

📌 In particularly tough moments, take deep belly breaths or do a few minutes of bag breathing. Recite, “I am safe” in your mind at the same time.

📌 Play High Frequency tones and music continuously in your living and work space; music and tones like the solfeggio frequency tones, or classical music.

📌 Visualize your feet solidly planted on a surfboard, body positioned to ride the waves swelling and receding all around you. Continue reciting, “I am safe” in your mind at the same time.

📌 Choose a soothing phrase to repeat regularly, in intense moments, and before bed; phrases like “I trust Divine”, “I trust life”, “I am safe”, “Everything works out for the best”.

📌 Practice a regular physical discipline like walking, running, yoga, swimming, hiking, tai chi as this helps ground the body, mind, and emotions.

📌 A few yoga poses ground your body immediately which helps calm the mind and emotions: plank, standing poses, forward bends with your head resting, inversions.

📌 Eat plenty of sugar like fruit, honey, or maple syrup which acts like an emergency measure to immediately reduce the adrenaline and cortisol stress responses.

📌 Remember to eat enough. Under stress and pressure, we can lose our appetite which further increases stress. Choose fresh foods, cook homemade food.

📌 Choose some activity that nourishes you and practice regularly; activities like: a warm bath, a facial, hiking, food shopping, cooking, seeing a movie.

📌 Spend time in nature surrounded by trees, grass, flowers, plants; put your bare feet on the ground or grass, hug a tree, plant a garden. Put fresh growing spices in your kitchen.

📌 Do a spring cleaning of your possessions. Keep what you use or wear and give away what no longer serves. This way you benefit those that will receive.

📌 Organize and clean your living space. This helps give a sense of being in control and making decisions that show a direct result.

📌 Volunteer at a local food bank or charity. Help those who might be in an extremely tough moment in their lives.

Hopefully in the above suggestions, several resonate to your heart and will serve for years to come. Even in the toughest of changes, we will always pass through and come out the other side. I trust in YOUR strength and power!

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