Join Self Synthesize! to raise your
frequency, and progress
to a joy-filled life!

..she lovingly showed me how to identify and clear it myself…
— Carolyn
…You have made my life SING with your healing…
— Michele
…What an experience! I felt like that was totally what I needed…
— Sarah

Have you ever come home to someone in a different mood than you?

Maybe you had a great day and they did not, or vice versa. What happens?

Notice how one of you either becomes more positive or negative in alignment with the other’s mood.
Notice the result depends on who chooses NOT to change.
We call this vibrational frequency.

Lisa Ferraro is Self Synthesize!®, and is here to share her choice for ongoing positivity.
Choosing to expose yourself to her unwavering frequency will raise yours.
This practice is called Frequency Fusion.
Her deliberate choice not to change and her purpose to leverage that, to help others, embodies the essence of Self Synthesize!®.