The Circle of High Frequency and Positivity

Fascinating, isn’t it, when several streams of life suddenly converge in our world with a subtle message: “Listen up. Eyes open. Do not miss.” Yes, you guessed correctly, happened to me this past month.

During the last few months in sessions with my clients, I chose to highlight and focus on the importance of positivity. Which, friends, to be honest, is not EASY to accomplish in today’s hectic, often stress-driven society. In sessions, I began emphasizing one particular story from my past that perfectly illustrates the importance of cultivating Positivity and Happiness.

While living in India, I attended a public lecture from a then-considered spiritual leader. He asked the audience what was the most difficult spiritual practice (sadhana, for those reading this who know the Sanskrit term). The responses to his question from the audience were interesting, in depth, and highlighted complex spiritual practices. He smiled the deepest, widest smile as he explained that their responses were good, however inaccurate. I remember sitting up straight to hear his answer. He paused, and stated:

                               “To smile from the very depths of your heart.”

What?!?!, Really?!?!, That’s it?!?! “No way” I thought, and went home disappointed. And yet…… his answer nagged me from the back of my mind for months and years even. “Why did he say that?”, I thought, “Could he be correct?”

Until one day, years later, in an “aha” moment, it dawned on me how correct he was about smiling. It took me having deep clarity about inner misery and a heart full of suffering and pain to understand the difficulty for most people to smile from the heart. My point to clients? Cultivate positivity one step at a time. Be kind with yourself: choosing Positivity is not easy!

And Then…
Midway into this glorious hot month in Dallas, I read this fascinating recently released research correlating generosity with higher levels of happiness and that acts based solely on self-interest led to lower levels of happiness. EXACTLY my experience in life.

And Then…
Interestingly I read this research only a few days after my monthly Self Synthesize Q&A Radio show where someone asked a question about how to stay positive and happy. DING DING… too obvious to ignore the collusion of this “Positivity theme” practically in my lap — lol. Voilà, this blog post was born.

Why Positivity Matters
We live on Earth, a planet of free choice. We might not be able to control every event or circumstance or even environment in our lives, AND we certainly have full control of how we choose to meet and respond/react to virtually EVERYTHING in our world. We choose to spiral up in Positivity or spiral down in negativity. Positivity breeds happiness. Bottom line, it is our choice.

Remember also that we humans are approximately seventy percent water. The choice we make either positive or negative directly affects the health and wellness of our physical bodies, our cells, even our DNA. The now deceased Japanese researcher Masara Emoto’s solid research showing the effects of positive and negative words/music etc., on water crystals confirmed my own personal life experience with positivity. Interestingly, recently a teacher in Brazil hoping to illustrate this principle of positivity to her students confirmed his research with an experiment she and her students did with cooked rice. The conclusion? We choose.

Another key factor to remember when contemplating about Positivity: Law of Resonance. What we hold in our hearts, in our minds, in our emotions, and in our field sends out a vibratory electromagnetic field signal, easily measured now. An interesting side note, as of 2013, Heartmath Institute had recorded the heart to be approximately 60 times greater electrically and up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. This awareness places the brain relatively weak in comparison to the heart. Our emotions via the heart send out strong signals that everyone near us can sense even if not consciously.

Why this is important? Electric signals push out from the body and magnetic signals pull back towards the body. Because of resonance, what is sent out will be drawn back. Again, we choose what we want to send out and draw back towards ourselves.

Another fascinating piece to consider is a neuroscience understanding: selective perception of the brain. The conscious mind processes data much slower than the subconscious mind. Because of this, the brain selects data it wants to consciously recognize BASED on mental thoughts and beliefs.

We all know the red car syndrome: I decide that I want to buy a red car. Guess what happens? I suddenly see red cars EVERYWHERE, whereas even the day before my decision, I never noticed red cars EVEN if one was just in front of me. Now translate that into Positivity and beliefs like “Life has my back!”, “I am happy!”, “Each moment of my life is a blessing and in my favor!” Again, we choose.

The Positivity Circle of Life
High Frequency feeds → Positivity, and Positivity feeds → Happiness, which feeds → High Frequency, and the circle begins again.
I call this the Positivity circle of life, and I hope you will join me in stepping into his lovely circle!!

Hugs to you all !!
Lisa Ferraro

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