Physical Meditation Guide

Three thousand research projects to date have extolled the benefits of meditation! The science is in: meditation practiced on a consistent basis brings over 75 researched benefits, not to mention those not yet studied. Meditation in general creates an inner balance between the various parts of our humanity: mind, body, and soul.
Fortunately different methods of meditation that cater to these three aspects of us emphasize our varying needs and personalities. The good news, meditation is not a one size fits all solution.  

A variety of research projects have found that physical meditation:

Improves energy levels, improves immune system functioning, improves lung capacity, improves breathing, reduces asthma and associated problems, lowers heart rate, reduces blood pressure, reduces heart problems in general, reduces brain problems, increases longevity, reduces inflammation and inflammatory disorders, reduces premenstrual and menopausal symptoms, helps immune diseases like arthritis, fibromyalgia and HIV.

A Guide to Physical Meditation:

Begin in a comfortable cross legged position and close your eyes, resting your palms on your knees if that feels better for your back. Take a deep breath, feeling your body on the seat, your legs on the floor, anchor and ground by noticing your physical position. Ground into the earth grid, the heart of the earth, by imagining your feet on a gemstone.

Once again take a breath and bring your awareness to your eyeballs. Move your eyeballs, not your head, and begin to gently move your eyeballs to the right without strain or causing pain and move them back to center.
Then move them to the left, and then back to center. Repeat this and then move them up towards the top of your head and then back to center. Then, move them down towards the sternum and then back to center.

Repeat this process again and notice your breath, notice how the breath slowed down and deepened. Notice how your mind remained right here, present. Slowly open your eyes and feel the room around you. Notice the stillness, the calm, the peace, even as external activity continues around you. Notice how your space feels quieter.

Uncross your legs and recross with the other leg. This meditation is infinitely adaptable! You can choose your own rhythm. You can extend this meditation for as much time as you like. Make it yours!

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