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“I was having debilitating stomach pains today, and I tried all the natural remedies with marginal relief. I got the hit to use Lisa’s frequency (…) download and within minutes the pain was COMPLETELY GONE!! This was not a live call or a personal session.”

Our deepest gratitude to each of you traveling on this journey of life with us.

Your Questions, Our Answers

Self Synthesize!® Radio show

Ask the questions you want and get the answers you need.
Each month we field questions from around the world discussing specific themes such as frequency, joyful life and positive thinking.
Self Synthesize! Radio shows are available to anyone.
These shows are a fantastic opportunity for you to connect with Lisa Ferraro, who will customize each show around the questions submitted by our listeners!
Lisa can provide you with insight on things in your life that are not serving you, provide tips and advice for living a high frequency lifestyle, and much more!

(You can listen here or download and listen later on your preferred device.)

What can I do to keep my eyes healthy?
Is it possible to heal eyesight?

Previous Month’s Show will be available below.

How do I keep my kidneys healthy?

Soul to Soul book image

Soul to Soul book

We created this Soul to Soul book to offer Lisa’s detailed and tested advice for living in High Frequency, and thriving in the stressful situations we all face in life.
Use this book like a workbook. We have included in each chapter blank workbook sheets, so that you can use this insightful book as a living resource to help you thrive.
Make notes; mark down what speaks to your heart; begin using these powerful techniques; and watch your life shift before your eyes!
Click here to download your copy!

Free “how to” pdf

How to Use Lisa’s Frequency Recordings

This is a small pdf file — opens on most devices — explaining how to use Lisa’s Frequency Recordings.
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Free pdf Guide

Connect With Your Light Team

In this is small pdf file — opens on most devices — Lisa introduces you to an easy way to personally connect to your Light Team.
Connecting with your Light Team might be the greatest turning point in your life!
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Solfeggio Tones

These sound frequencies were used by Ancient Gregorians and are believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings.
The belief of their effectiveness lies in the premise that we are all vibrational beings.
With that understanding, sound (an audible vibration) is not only recognized by our ears, but rather our entire body.
These specific frequencies are said to resonate with us in specific ways and provide different areas of healing. These areas are:
396 Hz – Freedom from Fear / Guilt
417 Hz – Change Facilitation
528 Hz – DNA Repair (physical healing)
639 Hz – Relationships / Connections
741 Hz – Solutions to problems of any nature
852 Hz – Intuition Awakening
Please enjoy our compilation: