Recovering and Thriving From a Night of Lost Sleep

How Frequency restores a disturbed Circadian Rhythm

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We all know this feeling:
“Urrgh…I did not sleep well and I have such a busy day ahead. What do I do, especially when I have no desire to get out of bed?!?!?!”

Sometimes even the thought of recovering from a night with no or poor sleep seems stressful. And, in combination with the daylight savings change in March which in effect translates into: spring forward – lose an hour, the prospect of thriving seems far from possible.
But wait…
Even though disturbed sleep and this bi-annual time change dramatically disrupts the delicate balance of our circadian rhythm, all is not lost! We can re-balance this Rhythm with only a few simple actions. I will focus on supporting two conditions:

1) How to quickly regain lost energy from a night of poor sleep quality

2) How to quickly restore your Circadian Rhythm

Quickly Regaining Energy

While Still in Bed:

  • Lay and visualize pulling all of your self from all sides of the earth back around your physical body. When we think of a person or a place, a small portion of us energetically goes there. Now bring that vitality back around yourself. Takes only about one minute.
  • Place your hands on your belly and do two or three minutes of belly breathing. Breathe in and out through your hands (figuratively of course) saying “I breathe in love” on the inhalation and “I breathe out love” on the exhalation.
    This way your body fills up with love and your environment receives love. This love raises frequency both in you and in the room. Notice how the breath slows and becomes deeper naturally. This re-energizes your body and mind.
  • For five minutes think of every single thing you feel grateful for. Choose the one most special to your heart and spend a minute or two wrapping this in your love. A powerful frequency raising exercise!

After Rising:

  • Drink a 10-12 ounce glass of “lemon” water: your favorite mix of fresh lemon juice, honey or maple syrup, and water. Experiment to find what ratio tastes delicious to you. Lemon water provides an instant energy boost and supports your liver.
  • Turn on a High Frequency Recording and let it play on loop for a few hours even while driving to work.
  • Continue to repeat in your thoughts as you prepare for your day: “I breathe in love; I breathe out love”

Hope these quick solutions help you! They do me — and require a minimal time investment to do, only fifteen minutes or less.

Restoring Circadian Rhythm

  • When our Circadian Rhythm becomes disturbed, healthy,deep sleep becomes more difficult. To re-balance this important master internal Rhythm, try these steps:
  • If possible, go to sleep around 10:00pm and wake up around 6:00-7:00am. Research has shown that these hours produce the healthiest biomarkers. Consistency is key. Do not give up – make this a routine.
  • If you find yourself still awake hours later even if you went to bed at 10:00pm, try laying your body flat in bed at 9:30pm and read or think giving time to relax before sleep. Be consistent and after a few weeks your internal Rhythm will reset.
  • Try having a glass of warm milk or herbal chamomile tea sweetened with honey before bed.
  • Turn off or stop viewing devices with blue light around 8:00pm or two hours before sleep.
  • Research shows eating your last heavy meal before sundown and darkness sets in supports a healthy maintenance of the Circadian Rhythm. Light snacks after sunset or darkness are fine.
  • Turn on a High Frequency Recording and let it play on loop for a few hours before bed.

Using these strategies, I successfully reset my Circadian Rhythm a few years ago when extreme chronic stress brought on a period of insomnia.
May these support you into a healthy rhythmic flow.

Wishing you luck!

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