Let High Frequency Super Charge Your Resolutions

Here we are, two days before January 1, 2019. In honor of the new year, I thought it appropriate to offer some thoughts and suggestions on setting and following through with our new year’s resolutions. I consider this universal tradition a boon for humankind. To have the opportunity, cultural support, and personal perseverance for recreating ourselves as per our wish signifies humanity at its finest; empowering.


Over the years of making resolutions, both with success and not great success; starting off strong and then failing to follow through; or simply not even starting, I have a few tips and tricks that I would love to share that have worked for me. Before even starting the reflection process, use high frequency and raise frequency to the point of mental clarity, possibility, excitement. Find contentment inside, smile from the heart AND then sit and reflect.

📌 Take the time to think through what your resolutions will be. Avoid rushing and making rash choices. Are the resolutions doable, in harmony with your inner goals and inner image? Will the resolutions chosen inspire supra-human effort and support your success?

📌 Love and respect yourself so completely that you choose resolutions that bring you into more of you.

📌 Choose resolutions that have wiggle room to adjust to life. Remember, life happens; most often in spite of our best intentions. Build in breathing and wiggle room so that an adjustment does not equate to a “failure” or a “broken resolution”.

📌 Choose only one or two resolutions so that change happens gently without any overwhelm. By all means, finish those few resolutions and make new ones mid year!

📌 Have fun! Choose choices that excite and inspire you into more. Dance with yourself.

📌 Remember to look at yourself everyday in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love you and how proud you are of yourself; thus increasing self love.

📌 Sometimes life happens and we only partially fulfill or reach the destination. Celebrate each small step! Then re-evaluate and redefine the resolution and keep going.

Remember, life is truly a joyful journey of self creation/recreation. I wish you the BEST, BEST, BEST of luck and love for your personal journey. May 2019 be all you envision and MORE!

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