Improving Your Physical Well Being

How the body works and how it’s sustained. Overall physical health requires a multi-layered approach to achieve full flowering, joy, and maximum well being. Factors that contribute to physical well being include: 

  • Our living environment  
  • Our work environment
  • Our ability to navigate daily life without reaction and stress
  • Our choices in books, movies, TV, cultural events  
  • The food and fluids we choose to fuel our body 
  • The people surrounding us 
  • The music we enjoy
  • The thoughts we think and the words we say 

These are only a few of the factors! One key strategic step involves learning to create a coordinated overall support network where everything in your life and every moment in your life contributes to your health, happiness, and well being! 

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Lisa has transformed my way of thinking and helped me remove the judgments I’ve had around food and eating. In just a few short months, I have gained weight, my skin is glowing and I have more energy and mental clarity. She has continued to show me new ways expressing my life, following my strategy and living in harmony with my true divine beingness. I owe her so much for helping me be a happier version of myself!”

– A.T.

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