How to Connect to Your Light Team

Connecting with your Light Team can be THE turning point in your life!!
Does it take years of learning and meditation to start to connect with your Light Team? Actually, it only requires seconds! I created a guide with a simple, easy process to connect and feel that love.

Two common questions people often ask especially in the beginning:

What is a Light Team?
*They are a team of Beings of Light that serve you in this Lifestream.
*This team can vary in number from one person to another, as well as often varying in how close they stay to your human experience.
(This guide will help you bring them very close!!)
Which Beings of Light are in a Light Team?
• Ascended Masters;
• Angelic Realm, including Guardian Angels;
• Archangelic Realm;
• Spirit Guides;
• Multidimensional Beings;
• YOUR Infinite Divine Beingness.
Materials Needed to Connect with Your Light Team:
• A dedicated journal or notebook for your Light Team;
• Recommended – a Vibes Up Mat;
• If you have an iPhone, two iPhone apps that help build intuition: Aura Trainer and ESP Trainer;
• A simple timer;

Step 1: Developing Your Intuition

Discovering Your Internal “Yes” and “No”
Imagine having the power to intuitively receive Yes or No answers to your questions, from Divine—   How would that help you? 🙂

You will develop a few signals to use anytime in order to receive these answers:

  • Stand on your VibesUP energy mat with feet parallel, a hip width distance apart;
  • Close your eyes and take 5-10 deep breaths;
  • Take 11 deep yawns;
  • Lightly tap on your thymus. Then…
  • In your mind request: “Show me YES” and watch the body’s movement. It will lean forward.
  • In your mind, request: “Show me NO” and watch the body’s movement. It will lean backward.
  • Begin Experimenting!!! Ask your Light team a question, relax, and see which way your body leans: that’s your answer!!

Step 2: Begin to Communicate

Begin a Daily Conversation
Create the habit of having a daily conversation with your Light Team.
In your mind converse with your Light Team about your aspirations, and then ask your questions.
This practice will bring your Light Team closer and closer.

  • Ask Your Light Team to come close to you before bed and upon waking.
  • Think about your Light Team with loving feelings; feel the love flowing both directions;
  • This everyday practice will tremendously grow your connection with your Light Team.

In Need… Call out to your Light Team!
Your light Team is always there for you, ready to provide you with guidance, and even “lucky
coincidences”, that help you navigate through problems towards a   better life!
Ask for their help;
Accept their help;
Thank them for their help.

Step 3: Continuing The Conversation — Use the power of Journaling

  • Keep your Journal  dedicated to your Light Team near you;
  • Inhale for 4 breaths, then gently tap the center of the chest to stimulate the thymus gland;
  • On your paper, write the word RELEASE;
  • Set your timer for 1-2 minutes.
  • Let it Flow!!!
  • Jot down whatever arises in a flow – NOT Cognitive;
  • Words, thoughts, questions, pictures… all are okay here;
  • No judgment 🙂 only empty out your cognitive mind and all of its thoughts;
  • Use this release process at the beginning of each daily journaling session.

Questions for your Light Team…

  • Tell your Light Team only to answer the truth and not what will make you feel good!!!
  • After the release process, write the question: “Light Team what would you like to share with me today to help me to trust this communication?”
  • Again inhale for 4 breaths and tap the thymus.
  • Set the timer for 2-3 minutes.
  • Jot Down whatever arises in your mind as free flow journaling. Words can be heard, seen, or “known”.

Keep Probing…

  • After the first question write: “And what else?”
  • Inhale for 4 breaths and tap the thymus.
  • Set the timer for 2-3 minutes.
  • Begin writing.

Ask a few more Questions!

  • Repeat the above process for as many questions as you would like!
  • I Like the question “Light Team what would you like to share with me today?”.
  • “And what else?”
  • Try this journaling process daily for a minimum of 7 days. 🙂

Discovery Follows Effort…
Always remember: Light Team Has Your Back!!

I hope this helps you, both with your spiritual path and daily life!

My love to you all!

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