Feeling Stuck?!?! High Frequency Inspires Living In Wonder

Recently I have been reflecting on what causes people to feel “stuck”. I see “stuckness” occur most often in three categories: health, work, relationships — and at times life itself feels “stuck”. If you are familiar with Human Design types, I see this condition most often with generators and manifesting generators. Truthfully, we all face this feeling at some point during our life, in any or all aspects of our human experience.

How do we shift this frustrating experience? Do we need to shift “stuckness”? What do we shift to? Good questions. For me, as a person and as a Frequency coach, honestly, I see the condition of “fixing stuckness” as an individual journey. I wanted to share a few steps that might serve your own inquiry into “feeling stuck”. May these either serve you or point in a direction for more answers:

1. Firstly, I remind myself that what is arising in my experience is a rich field to mine and explore. I ask myself, “Do I have the strength to remain in the uncomfortable feeling for a while longer and explore the contrast it offers?”

2. Next, I reframe my victim-energy mind expression into questions, wonder, amazement. Suddenly, the world does not feel against me and I can move closer to “Life has my back” mentality. I wonder: what the contrast whispers in my ears? I wonder: where this “stuckness” is leading me? I wonder: how I am moving forward? I notice how simply asking myself questions expands the space around me to include more: more spaciousness, more clarity, more excitement, more interest in the moment among other things.

3. Thirdly, I attend to my energy levels. By raising my vital energy, I raise my frequency and suddenly I do not feel as overwhelmed and stuck. I suddenly generate a new vista like standing on a mountaintop with clear viewing for miles and miles. Looking at the condition with new eyes and high frequency vitality, I gain clarity on how I arrived here and which path to take next. New insight alone feels like movement.

4. Finally, I remind myself to release judgement and allow any voice, any experience, any emotion a chance to reach my consciousness. I then decide if I will walk down that path or make another choice.

By using these strategies together, I honor my Beingness and I forego the “wrongness” that self doubt and self judgement might have wanted to label my feelings and behaviors.

Remember sweet friends, we are not “wrong”; we are all “right”. We are Infinite Beings experiencing a human expression. We came to dance with life and create as Divine creators and to expand Divine Creation. Contrast provides clarity. Consequences bring wisdom and direction.
Amazing! Isn’t life?

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