High Frequency Blossoms Personal Support and Challenge

While studying for my masters degree, one professor introduced the concept of support and challenge during one of my courses. At the time, I understood the principle on a basic surface/intellectual level. However, during this past month, this philosophical gem returned full circle for me.

This past month, my husband and I added a Qigong pose to our morning practice: Hold The Balloon pose.
Our daily morning practice:
► Five minute energy medicine routine from Donna Eden;
► I AM20 meditation;
► Yoga practice;
► AND in the middle of our yoga practice we add this one Qigong pose, Hold The Balloon.

Qigong balloon posture image

We have built up our time staying in this Hold The Balloon pose to 22 minutes and I must say it is quite challenging. Hold The Balloon is the second position in a system of exercise with five positions. One resource explaining this Zhan Zhuang internal exercise system describes it as “one of the most personally demanding exercise systems ever developed.”
— Nam Hoa

I believe it! Whew… challenging, especially as the time holding the pose increases. The concept of support and challenge suddenly popped in my mind. High Frequency stabilizes my personal foundational field to create both support and challenge for myself. Just as I am on the brink of wanting to give up, experiencing physical pain, heat, sweat, trembling, mental weakness, this pose requires sending an immense amount of mental support down into my body as I continue to hold the pose challenging myself to meet the goal I set for that day.

Simultaneously, I need to give myself both support and challenge while practicing, AND at the point when I am experiencing extreme levels of physical and mental stress. Just imagine how powerful we become doing this exercise.

I understand why this concept remained intellectual for me before. I did not have a parallel High Frequency foundation at that time like I now have. My years of dedicated conscious efforts and practice to hold High Frequency built my solid foundation. Rediscovering this pose (I had practiced it years ago, and forgot about it) rocked my foundation and demanded me to reach deep inside and call forth the support and challenge necessary to push forward in this particular practice. Truly, truly, truly I recognize yet again how High Frequency contributes to solidifying power to my life. I live a vastly better, more pleasant and more positive life from the Grace of High Frequency.

Hopefully my story inspires you into High Frequency, and, at minimum, inspires you to reach for High Frequency.
To help you, here is a brief list of ways to raise your frequency right here, right now:

📌 Gratitude;
📌 See the world, situations, yourself, life, from “glass half full” thinking;
📌 Reminding yourself throughout the day that life has your back;
📌 Do a stretch, or physical movement;
📌 Listen to an inspirational speech, or inspirational music;
📌 Clean the clutter in your home or office/work environment;
📌 Choose whole unprocessed foods for lunch;
📌 From your heart send love out to the whole planet;
📌 Walk barefoot on the grass.

I hope this helps; sending my love to anyone reading this!

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