Discovering Your Personal Passion

We all dream about making a living and supporting our needs from pursuing our Personal Passion. The one crucial key to realizing this dream? Knowing our Personal Passion.

Do you know your passion? Simply asking this question initiates a cascade of events intended to help realize this dream. The power of asking a question puts us back in the driver’s seat. And the fun part? We do not even need to know the answer. Simply asking the question opens the door to our inner power.

Ask the Important Question

Ask your Inner Beingness: “Infinite, Divine Beingness, what is my passion?” By simply asking, we open the door for the answer to come. Life, Divine, nature, supports us; life has our backs! At the moment of asking we may or may not get an answer. Often the answer suddenly drops as a download in our brain later when the conscious mind quiets down.
Remember those “aha!” moments that come in the shower, during sleep, upon waking or even falling asleep, during contemplation or mindfulness or meditation?

Sometimes the answer comes as a feeling while engaged in an activity. We suddenly notice, “I really love this!”, “Wow, this makes me feel so good, I love this, this is juicy, this is fun!”. I often ask my clients, “What juices you? What excites you?, What gives you pure joy, pure love? What would you enjoy thinking about when you wake up in the morning, all day, and then when you go to bed before sleep, never tiring of the subject?” Pay attention to your answers, they reveal your truth.

This passion happened for me. My work, my ability to interact with you intuitively in your favor, my ability to work with frequency, and my ability to work with Light Teams – the Beings of Light around me, juices me! My passion is sooo passionate for me, I literally engage with frequency all day almost everyday.
I think about frequency all day and I think about it at night when I go to bed. I engage my Light Team as I choose light and goodness, before sleeping and upon waking. My life fully dances, intertwines with frequency, and yet, I never tire of the subject. 

Imagine a passion like cooking. There are infinite ways to explore and embody cooking. No need to limit a passion to one expression!  Find the passion that lights your fire and remember, infinite ways to express means a lifetime of joy for you!
I once heard a quote that I love: “If people are not laughing at your dreams, they aren’t big enough.”

Yes, so true. It’s YOUR passion, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about your passion. With your passion, leap forward into infinite, big, expansive dreams, because they come true, my friends, they come true.

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