Recovering A Shattered Self-Worth: Frequency Is Your Friend

At some point in all of our lives, we face the inescapable shattered self-worth. I now see this shattered state as a rite of passage that a conscious human faces and uses to reconstruct a grander, more beautiful, more accurate image of their human expression. Do not fear this challenge and simultaneous opportunity! Divine has our back. Life has our back. A deconstruction occurs only when we possess the necessary skills, awareness, and power to pick up the pieces and create anew. Divine is compassionate.

Keeping our beliefs, thoughts, and actions positive consistently over time endows our mind and body with the necessary strength and vitality to recover gloriously.

As a first step forward towards recovering, acknowledging the shock and truth about what happened, allows the energy to stay in flow and not stagnate. In a remarkable turn, ignoring the situation and/or suppressing our emotions causes them to grow stronger. By denial, we empower the very thing we are trying to escape. Embrace the truth, and it then wields no power over our inner being.

Please note, I am not trying to take away from the strong emotions experienced at this point in the journey. The truth might feel painful, terrifying, and hopeless. Including it all in our awareness requires courage and strength at a moment when we appear the most vulnerable.
For me, a great next step uses trust to calm any anxiety or fear. Trusting that life has our back, or trusting Divine or even simply trusting that, “If it is for me, it can not miss me.” From the 50,000ft view, every event, situation, person, choice, etc. occurs in our favor and supports our life in the highest good.

Admittedly, in the heat of the moment, or at the height of pain, anxiety or fear, this step might feel impossible. The pain can drag us down the spiral to a heavily contracted, painful, angry place. Hang on. Let all emotions settle and then use this step. It works.

I adore this next step. If we can shift our heavy emotions into gratitude, we have turned a major corner. Seeking to find gratitude in the situation, or even evidence of why this situation helps us and then allowing gratitude, moves us up the emotional scale. This step acts like a rocket ship to propel us forward and upward towards our next adventure. It allows us to bypass many slow, uncomfortable steps. I have noticed in my own life that eventually, in every single case of seemingly tragedy in my life, I ultimately reach this stage; the only difference being the approach: either the rocket ship approach or the slow, windy, crowded train approach. We choose. Life is compassionate to accommodate our wishes and choices. And please understand, both approaches are viable and offer their own learning. There is no “one right way or answer.”

This next step solidifies and gathers our shattered state together in a new and vibrant image of ourselves and of our power. Go find evidence in at least two or three incidents everyday of our worthiness, of how special and amazing we are. These can be seemingly small events like our impulse to hold the door open at the grocery store for a fellow shopper with arms full of bags. This act reveals kindness, compassion, empathy, concern for another etc. Even seemingly small acts equate to deep power. At the end of the night just before bed, write the two or three events in a journal. Let these be the last thing you read before sleep. The first night will only have a few items but by the tenth night, the journal will have pages! Do this exercise for a month. Then re-examine the frequency space you occupy. I promise the entire world will have changed!

I know you made a choice to read this far and I am deeply grateful and hope this blog has offered something to your life. I am smiling at the very thought of serving you in a small way.

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