Divine Flow or My Flow?

Oh this question, I remain in a constant dance with “Mine or Divine?” 🙂 One of the definitions of proverbial in Dictionary.com, describes my relationship perfectly:

“…having become an object of common mention or reference…”

If I think back over my life and all the examples of how life has my back and how perfect Divine Flow manifests in my life, one would wonder why I still dance in this question at times – lol, I do as well…

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Recently two striking examples played out in my life and caused me to step back and deeply reflect on this proverbial dance. An interesting and telling awareness arose from this reflection. I can not wait to share with you, but first the set up: a brief description of the two events.

Example One:
Back in February, my husband and I entertained a family member visiting Dallas for a long weekend. Dallas being Dallas, you need reservations for restaurants on Friday and Saturday nights. One of the restaurants was an extremely popular chef driven Asian restaurant. In fact, I was booking more three weeks in advance and on the Saturday in question, they only had one time left: 6:15pm. AND I had to pay a $60 reservation fee. Done booked, all was well. In my calendar – all set.

In fact, I remember clearly telling everyone that our reservations were for 6:45pm. Yes, you already guessed the problem. My husband and I showed up at 6:33pm and they had given away our table 3 min earlier and nothing available to squeeze us in later in the evening. Well our relative arrived and I fessed up to my mistake.

Turns out she was not excited about Asian food. The only non-reservation good restaurant I could think of was an Italian restaurant near where we live. Turns out Italian is her favorite food! We drive over and find a parking spot on the front row (no need to valet)!! AND at 7:00pm on a Saturday, they had one table left (miracle) which was a fantastic location in the restaurant! Whew…we had a delightful dinner, “My flow or Divine flow?” Now I skipped the part about how mad I was at myself and how horrible I felt while at the first restaurant. Slowly as the evening progressed, I saw the perfection of my mistake. Interesting right?!?!

The second example highlights the “Me as Divine” part of this story. One hint, this might be the single most difficult thing for us to accept.

Example Two:
A funny example happened a few days ago as my husband and I were driving home from a town maybe 35-40 miles from Dallas. We were on several of the multitude of freeways around Dallas. A long time ago a VERY large slow truck got in front of us and slowed us down. I remarked in an exaggerated Texas accent “another Texas Big ‘Ole slow truck”. My husband started laughing and this became a running joke between us.

Well, circling back to the drive, my husband sped up to get around “another Texas Big ‘Ole slow truck”. And then another and another and another one showed up and we started singing this tune and laughing – a good time really, and then suddenly out of the blue in the fast passing lane fairly clear of cars, “another Texas Big ‘Ole slow truck” pulled in front of my husband and we died laughing.

I suddenly understood what was happening: “oh my, we have been focusing on “another Texas Big ‘Ole slow truck” and we manifested ourselves yet another “big, slow, truck”. SO…Let’s focus on fast, beautiful race cars!” Well, we did and within one minute, a fast racing motorcycle sped by us followed by a Porsche. Seriously. Even my husband had to admit: “this focus thing really works.”

Pulling My Thoughts Together
Thank you for your patience and for remaining with me through this journey. These two situations kept me busy for a few weeks reflecting, reflecting, reflecting. It dawned on me that to fully step in at ALL times to Divine will, and to acknowledge the power of my own Divine creativity at ALL times requires a full trust of “myself as Divine”.  Otherwise, there will always exist a gap or as I call it the error threshold.

Observing people around me shows the same “error threshold” I see in myself at times. Most people can intellectually “know” the truth that Divine or life has their back, that things work out always, BUT to enact that and live each day, each moment in that awareness is the challenge. I propose that more than the challenge alone, this process IS the life journey; IS part of what we are doing with our physical human expression; learning to tune in, tap in, to who we really are. This is also where living in High Frequency helps. It is MUCH easier to see and trust when in a High Frequency State. This is partly why I continue to emphasize High Frequency; truly the short cut, the rocket ship to living moment by moment the life we truly want and desire.

My years in India of deep meditation driven by an intense desire to know the truth of myself, for enlightenment sure make it much easier for me to grasp and enact this trust in Self as Divine; and truthfully easier to remain in High Frequency which then launches me straight into that state. And still, I at times delight when I remember that Divine flow, life’s flow is way more perfect than my brain-driven plans in life.

Go easy on yourself if you find the process of enacting this trust challenging. Along with your efforts to remain in High Frequency, simply watching Divine flow repeatedly play out in your personal life remains in my opinion, the fastest way to gain the necessary trust and ease for enacting this Divine Truth. Repeated observation of Divine at play builds trust. And the best part? We do not need to go and meditate in a cave for twelve years or really DO anything. Simply stated: repeated observation builds our trust and with reinforced trust we let go, reduce our “push against life” stress and begin knowing and allowing Divine flow as Our flow.

Come join me. Let us experience this process together.

My love to you all!

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