High Frequency Breeds Compassion

The main takeaway from this blog? Come join me in consciously choosing to hold a positive presence in your daily life. Keep your Frequency levels high and together, let us join via our positive thoughts and intentions for the world, every living being on earth, and for the living earth, herself. Find one contribution you can make that causes your heart to open and soar, causes compassion to arise in your heart and spill over into your words and actions. For then, we will have laid one stone on the road of love and compassion.

I remember one recent story of a young teen who saved up her allowance during the year and spent her entire spring break using that money to pay for and do the laundry of disadvantaged, elderly, and disabled people in her neighborhood at a local laundry mat. We can make a difference in the world right now. Even the smallest of acts brings compassion into the world; acts like holding the door open for someone needing assistance. We can choose to unite in love and compassion. In this choice we teach, model, and inspire the next generation, babies and toddlers, that we thrive when all beings thrive.

In this way, we need not fear current conditions or events. Living in the USA during these tumultuous times forces not only US citizens, but many around the world to question the future and to conjure crazy outcome paths. Many people even question Divine flow and even whether Divine “has our back” or not. If you are one of the sweet souls reading this, please remember, world events on top of recent USA events might seem to offer strong evidence of general demise. Frankly, stop watching mainstream news. Go find the Good News Network and read of all the beautiful souls doing amazing individual efforts of love and compassion to uplift those suffering and to serve nature and the planet.

By our personal example, we lay one stone of peace and compassion and then another and another. Fairly soon a path covering the planet has been built. We need not fear that our great, loving examples of love and compassion like the Dalai Lama, or Amma, the Hugging Saint, will pass on leaving the world void of shining examples of such love and compassion. Take heart. WE can become those examples.

The good news? Consciousness is growing on the planet; the world is healing old, toxic beliefs and behaviors that remained hidden for hundreds of years; conditions on earth are improving and healing for many of the seven billion inhabitants; the presence of Divine Love and Compassion is pronounced and tangible.

If deep inside of you, you know and trust that Divine helps you in your journey through life, that you are protected, loved and supported by Divine flow that ALWAYS flows in your favor, even if it does not seem to in the moment. In hindsight, we all recognize this truth even in the most discouraging moments. Would this also indicate that Divine is also supporting, uplifting, and flowing in behalf of the goodness of earth? I know Divine is flowing on behalf of greater consciousness and love for the world.

For conscious change to occur either in ourselves or the world, one method is to see the current condition, the current pain, the current truth, and through this contrast, we decide to create a different world.

Would you be willing to be a part of creating a world where we all thrive? Join us. Live by example, believe in love and compassion, trust Divine will bring the perfect conditions and souls to serve as examples. Resist turning towards fear. Join in love.

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