How Raising Frequency Impacts Your Life

Impact to Raising Frequency

A raised frequency has a positive impact on how we perceive, how we react and what we choose for ourselves. This positive impact is independent of circumstance. As a result, it empowers us to live the life we want regardless of what we experience.

Some key areas that are practically impacted:

Stress Levels 

When something unwanted happens that we don’t expect or isn’t in alignment with our plan, this might cause stress to manifest. For stress to build, it requires that either:

  • We perceive the “unexpected” as significant
  • We react strongly OR
  • We choose to let our triggered emotions take precedence over how we feel
Interactions with Others

Interactions with others occur daily. While the behaviors of others can be unpredictable, how we let those behaviors impact us determines results. This can be seen by how:

  • We perceive the significance of what they said or did
  • We react to what someone says or does
  • We choose to let our triggered emotions take precedence over what was said or done

 For fun, let’s play through a scenario to visualize the impacts on perception, reaction and choice.


For this Scenario, Person A will represent an individual with raised frequency and Person B will not.

Person A and Person B are both on the phone with their friends while putting dishes away. Distracted, they both drop a glass which shatters on the floor.

Person A: Remains calm. Accepts they broke the glass and cleans it up.

Person B: Panics and steps on the glass cutting their foot. Their frustration rises.

The day continues on and both Person A and Person B go to the grocery store.

Person A: Unaffected by the glass breaking, Person A greets the cashier with a smile. The cashier returns the greeting and proceeds to double-bag their groceries. One bag is particularly heavy, but since it was double-bagged, nothing happens and Person A puts the bag in the trunk. Person A feels grateful to the cashier for double-bagging since they never even thought of it.

Person B: Frustrated by broken glass from before, Person B does not greet the cashier. The cashier does not double-bag Person B’s groceries. One bag is particularly heavy and breaks, causing the groceries to hit the ground. Person B grows even more frustrated as some of the groceries are now damaged.

The above example illustrates how raising your frequency positively impacts how you perceive, react and choose. This control of positivity empowers you to live a life full of joy regardless of what happens. Your positivity impacts your life beyond what you can see.

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