Believing In Yourself: The Step Beyond Self-Love

Simply put: believing in yourself grounds hope into action. I have written several blogs about the importance of self-love as a strong foundation to grow straight and tall as a beautiful human expression. Self-love is a High Frequency expression that creates a powerful positive presence in one’s life. And recently it dawned on me, what’s next after self-love? What lies beyond self-love for a person on their life journey?

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As I reflected, I was reminded of my yogic teachings that manifestation begins as thought, moves to verbal expression and ends as physical action. Self-love forms as thought and then becomes a spoken expression.

But then, It the takes belief in oneself to make the manifestation visual as an action. The hope becomes physical within the umbrella of action. Believe in self allows us to take charge and manifest action. We can love ourselves but not believe in our strengths or capacities. I realized that this belief in self was associated with but different from self-love. Maintaining High Frequency definitely supports both.

What is belief in self? How do we acquire this belief and trust in ourselves? Hmmmm… these questions inspired me to deeply reflect. How did I believe in myself? Contrast came quickly to mind.

We compare ourselves to others and then assess our strengths and our foibles. The trap here would be to misunderstand the value we bring versus the other person. This value and strength might be radically different, but just as important; a bit like comparing apples and oranges: both delicious and different, one is not superior to the other.

The trap is not recognizing that difference is strength and that the world needs difference and different capacities. Haven’t we all fallen into this trap before? AND seen accurately, comparison can be a quick route to recognizing our power, our strengths, and what we bring to the negotiation table.

Surely other ways of discovering that belief in ourselves exists. I also realized that challenges helped me discover strengths and capacities I had never seen or never acknowledged. Challenge acts as a test that pushes us to and past limits we set for ourselves. Not fun going through these challenges, but glorious in reflection.

We discover parts of ourselves we never knew existed. We achieve states we never thought we could. In effect, we come to trust ourselves because we rose to a challenge and conquered it. How empowering!

Once we establish that strong foundational belief in our capacities, turning these into action grounds that hope from self-love, that hope from the Infinite part of ourselves. We came into this earth cycle as explorers, creators, determined to bring Divine into physical form and ultimately become co-creators with Divine, allowing that Divine creation to flow into physical form as us. Our desires form new creation from our belief in ourselves.

I find this flow both magical and empowering.

Keep that glorious Divine action flowing; hope into creation!

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