Five Tips to Improve your Mind’s Wellbeing

A place of great power! We think and manifest thoughts that literally change how we feel in the blink of an eye! Below is a list of tips to help you to benefit and improve your mind’s wellbeing:

  1. Unplug and unwind – That’s right friends, unplug! That means phones, computers, emails, and TV! This is a hard one for most people, so even if you start by turning off your devices two hours before bed and spend some time reading a positive and engaging book, you will be amazed at the difference you will feel. It will even help you sleep more soundly!
  2. Simple Meditation – Spend some time in simple meditation each day! Even 5-10 minutes a day will make a difference and allow you to focus your thoughts. If you need some guidance with meditation, here is a simple tip to get started: Try sitting in a position that is comfortable for you, set a timer for two minutes, then choose a value that is meaningful for you (for example love, peace, compassion, joy, Om) and begin repeating the word over and over again in your mind in a rhythm that is natural for you.
  3. Saying Yes or Saying No – Do you find yourself always saying “yes” or saying “no” when anything is presented to you? We often get into these habits of over promising with “yes” when we cannot deliver or rejecting everything that comes our way with “no”. I challenge you to spend a week doing the opposite of what you find yourself saying most often. Watch how your time and space opens up as you begin to say “no” more or how your world opens up to new opportunities with more “yeses”.
  4. Change Something that is Not Serving You – This is a great one, friends! Find something in your life you are not satisfied with. Then make a list of beliefs you hold around that topic. Of those beliefs identify the ones that limit you and are not serving you, then begin to change those limiting beliefs within you to other beliefs that will serve you and expand you into more!
  5. Do 5-10 minutes of Palming Every Day – Palming is where you place both of your hands and palms over your face, making sure that the eyes are covered and soft. Then imagine that your breath initiates in the center of your brain and breathe in and out through the center of your brain, passing through your hands, and then let the breath move back into the brain through your hands. Notice how refreshed you become!

I hope these tips help you to relax and calm your mind.

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