Cultivating Trust in Divine

One of my clients complimented me the other day on how, no matter what the external situation looks like, I continue to trust in life and in Divine. No, it is most certainly not a Don Quixote syndrome, lol. She asked me: how do you do it? How do you always trust Divine and trust in the flow of life? How do you cultivate trust in Divine? Well… her questions inspired me to write this blog.

I must admit that trusting in Divine, or life, if that word feels more comfortable, is ultimately a skill, and takes practice. No single event bestowed this “trust” inside my brain. Rather, step by step, event by event, year after year, wound after wound, I cultivated this trust. The trust came from data and self reflecting on every situation and each of their outcomes.

Truthfully, every single event in my life, even painful or even seen as a failure, has served me, my life, and my consciousness and brought my life forward to the next stage, that was necessary for the next, ad infinitum.

Think about the beauty of using your own life data to inspire trust; no need to believe in anyone or in any philosophy. You trust you and the events of your life! Nice. Yet one more method of trusting in your own self.

Having a brain habit of seeing the glass as half full certainly helps grow this trust at a faster rate. Glass half full equates with high frequency awareness. Raising your frequency consistently supports this budding and growing trust in Divine. Making sure your nutritional foundation is strong and healthy helps maintain a healthy balance in your brain neurotransmitters and hormones. Balance in your metabolic energy helps maintain a positive and expansive mindset which translates into trust of life, trust in Divine.

Once this trust establishes a groove in your neural pathways, then when times are tough, seem against you, the trust acts like a balm helping you move through the difficulty. I cannot count the number of nights that I have fallen asleep using this “mantra”: “I trust Divine, I trust Divine, I trust Divine.” No matter how hopeless and helpless I felt, this trust comforted me. And guess what? Uncannily, every single time the situation changed and shifted to support me.

In the end, you have nothing to lose, so why not give it a try? Start today by recognizing today’s events and how they support you. I believe in you!

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