Meltdowns, Are They Only for Children?

How High Frequency and Biochemistry Blend to overcome the feeling of overwhelm.

My friend called me the other day in the middle of a serious meltdown. I raised her Frequency and boosted her vital energy with Frequency to help her handle the stress. Shortly after, I went over to my client’s house and her child was in the middle of a meltdown. Having these two experiences cross my path in a short time frame caused me to pause and reflect deeper about the meltdown phenomenon.

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What are Meltdowns?
The short answer to the question, “What are Meltdowns?” Overwhelm. Thinking about the myriad of events and situations that I had supported my clients through over the last 30 years of working with people either in individual settings or in groups settings, I noticed a pattern: overwhelm, either mentally, physically, or emotionally. Meltdowns occur in ALL people of ALL ages. A stress of any sort enters the organism (you and I) or system which does not have the energy available to address the stress.

Recently, I have been studying more about the biochemical processes of the body. The importance of a strong biochemical foundation and a healthy energy generative system is OFTEN overlooked by both practitioners and clients. In short, the organism cries out for help with no response because the energy is not available, and yes, meltdown, overwhelm occurs.
I also want to emphasize this overwhelm can occur from different mechanisms:
1) a physical stressor – like too much exercise, or not enough food – starvation
2) a mental stressor – like studying for final exams, or receiving bad news
3) an emotional stressor – like the death of a friend, or a divorce

How do Frequency and Biochemistry Rescue an Organism from Meltdowns? What Can I Do To Stop and Prevent Meltdowns?

In the past, my first response to a meltdown used psychological and neuroscience theory: embarking on the “re-frame, tell a new story” path. OR I used yoga to support the person through the stress. Actually, now after learning more about Biochemistry, my FIRST response: give the organism or system quick, usable energy like sucrose or fructose such as fruit, honey, or natural sofa with cane sugar. The feeling of overwhelm arises from the underlying fundamental energy system that cries out for nutrients to handle the incoming stress.

However, if the system does not have enough energy to handle the incoming stress AND/OR the system’s stress mechanisms are exhausted from over-driving the stress system for daily energy needs.

This calming sensation begins to shift our frequency upwards and paves the way for sharp mental clarity. This allows for higher frequency thoughts and emotions.

After calming the HPA axis (hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis) using biochemical means to get glucose to the system as explained above, then I move to the mental mechanisms as my SECOND response and begin using neuroscience techniques to retrain neural pathways. As mentioned above, re-framing situations to move forward out of “stuck” mode that comes from negative thinking and “to me” consciousness that I have described before.

Recognizing the story we are telling ourselves and others sets the stage to begin telling a new story. Telling a new story creates new neural pathways. The action and words we speak actually shift the size and shape of our brain. Creating these new habits allow positivity to become our first neural firing mechanism.

AND most importantly from my perspective, we shift up our overall vibratory frequency rate. The emotional response mechanism shifts towards gratitude, possibility, compassion, etc.

My THIRD response addresses the emotional structure, the emotional trigger point. Identifying what “feels” so overwhelming points towards the triggers we might not have seen or been consciously aware of. Working with these triggers, acknowledging them, their service to us and again, in the moment, making a conscious new choice of behavioral response shrinks this trigger and allows the emotional body to stabilize in higher frequency emotions like gratitude, compassion, positivity, possibility, clarity, love, joy, etc.

Deploying this systematic response approach, I can witness shifts in seconds and minutes. Truly friends, this is “the quick” path to wellness and to overcome Meltdowns and overwhelm. Using the same approach as a conscious path towards higher frequency and emotional stability guarantees prevention of overwhelm and Meltdowns; they reduce in number and in time spent in this panicked emergency mode.

Hope this helps!

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