Guidance from Infinite Self

Guidance from your Infinite Self is communicating directly with your Inner Self. True happiness comes from within, independent of what occurs in the external world. Our inner tapestry paints our outer experience. Understanding this concept, and applying it in daily moment-to-moment experiences, creates different opportunities for learning and growth.

Though easy to contemplate, living from this concept often presents a challenge. Most of our culture and familial worlds model the act of seeking happiness and contentment outside ourselves.

Breaking that habit by developing simple, key tools to support this inward journey helps guarantee our success in connecting and grounding inside ourselves to feel complete, whole, and joyful!

Once we establish these two foundational legs: looking inwards for our joy and bringing this into daily life, we feel safe, supported, and confident to leap forth and create the life we desire!

The Odyssey inwards to connect with our own Inner Self feeds our soul and refreshes our mind and body – one of the most magnificent, glorious paths we will walk in our lifetime!

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