Ready for Change and New Beginnings in 2017? Here’s how!

Numerological theory says, as a “one” year, 2017 represents new beginnings. With the close of the most interesting 2016 year, many of us, as global citizens, discovered within, an urge to make a change in Earth’s political environment.

This urge said to the world: “We are unhappy and we want change.” In my personal life experience, I have noticed that a cry for external change often points to internal dissatisfaction. In truth, we can ask the world to change, we can want the world to change, or we can fight for the change in the world we want to see. Collectively, as a human species, we witnessed that fight during 2016.


In addition to the external effort, we would be wise to attend to the inner dissatisfaction, rather than only push for external measures to help us feel satisfaction in our internal world. If change only comes from outside of ourselves, that change can never really satisfy us.

The deepest inner satisfaction comes from inner transformations, we, ourselves, initiate. Another way of saying: “You alone arise from within you.” Thus, if we ask the world to change, so we can feel better, we create a state of dependency on something, or someone, outside ourselves to initiate the change that will make us finally happy. Then, we wait and see if the change ever arrives. Some external changes, like in the political arena, might take years, and we risk not even seeing them bear fruit in our life time. No fun.
Just writing this I already feel my frequency dropping from the sense of lack of control.
Wait! Shifting that Frequency higher now!

On the other hand, when we commit to making changes that support our inner happiness ourselves, we start to enjoy results immediately, because WE are taking action!! We are changing into a better version of ourselves, and that, my friends, brings deep satisfaction! I already feel my frequency rising again! I feel empowered.

One important aspect of this empowered action is LOVING OURSELVES. The more we love our decisions, the less we need others to love them. We do not rely upon, or require, external validation for our well-being. We validate ourselves from the inside. This leads to living from the state/level of consciousness called the “by me” consciousness.

How to begin these transformations? What changes to make?

I listed below a few ideas to help this journey of self-empowered change. Each of these suggestions help move energy out of our “comfort zones” and usher in a cascade of new, exciting, high frequency energy to support change:

• Learn a new skill, something you have secretly desired.

• Eliminate a habit you have wanted to change, and never found the time before.

• Create a new habit that uplifts your Frequency.

Choose a specific change you want to see in your life. Be sure to choose something that truly bothers you, or stalls your progress and holds you back.
In case nothing comes to mind, I thought of a few sample areas to initiate change. I also listed results to expect from the change. Do choose what resonates with you, and remember, these are only suggestions, in case you ran out of ideas.

*Begin a daily meditation practice.
Results you can expect: Better physical and mental health, insights, less stress, better productivity, more self control, to name just a few.

*Take control of personal finances.
Results you can expect: remove debt, improved credit score, more disposable income, more profits from business, again, to name a few.

*Begin an exercise program that emphasizes cross training.
Results you can expect: Better physical and mental health, more energy, feeling and moving better in your body, better self-image, more self-confidence, to name a few.

*Commit to eating healthy, home cooked food.
Results you can expect: Better physical and mental health, more energy, greater longevity, improved inner well-being, to name a few.

*Read a new book each month.
Results you can expect: More knowledge, more informed decisions, expanded awareness, new ideas sources, better self-image, more self-confidence.

These positive practices synergistically reinforce each other, making rapid change easier. For example, say you decide to change eating habits. If you simultaneously read a book on the subject, and also meditate/contemplate any resistance you might have about new eating habits, you create a supportive environment for successful change in eating habits. Simultaneously, as you start eating healthier food, this choice helps make meditation easier and more productive, AND as your energy level rises from the better food and better meditation, you derive more knowledge and clarity from any book you read.

In essence, this symbiotic interrelation of all your efforts combined raise you higher! Nice. By using several support measures together, you set yourself up for success. Amazing isn’t it?!?! You help eliminate blocks to success even before they arise.

Hope these reflections help generate fresh ideas to jump start this year of new beginnings! Remember, we are in this transformation together. May we, each of us, stretch into a new beginning for our life that causes our hearts to soar!

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