When life appears to conspire against you… High Frequency to the Rescue!

As each year passes and I gain more experience navigating life, its pleasant events and its unpleasant events, I see around me and at times within me, a tendency for humans to live in “to me” consciousness.

This level of consciousness is so difficult to raise out of and overcome. This “to me” place of victim-hood where life is against you; happening unfairly to you; not supporting you feels a bit like swimming in mud. Consciously, it is the hardest level of consciousness to shift out of and move up to the next level.

The next highest level of consciousness is called “by me” consciousness, meaning, I help contribute into my reality; I co-create my reality; life supports me; I can choose how I live my life. I wrote about the four levels of consciousness in this blog if you’re interested in a more in-depth discussion of the levels:

Truthfully, life involves varying levels of struggle. Struggle helps us evolve, grow powerful, and serves as a positive force in our live that moves us forward to higher awareness; to higher consciousness; to greater positivity; to greater empowerment; to greater mastery. Struggle equates with putting rough diamonds in a Tumbler and tumbling, tumbling, turning, spinning those diamonds. As the rough diamonds struggle in the tumbler, their rough edges become smooth and shiny. In the struggle of the tumbler, burnt in the heat and fire of friction emerges the most beautiful shiny, gorgeous diamonds.

Struggle smooths our rough edges so the brilliance of our Inner Divine beauty shines forth. However, we are not meant to suffer. Our suffering comes from how we choose to meet the struggle. Do we meet struggle in “to me” consciousness or “by me” consciousness? Do we believe life is against us? Do we believe that life has our back?

Truly, this concept is a simple concept conceptually, one we can all understand intellectually, BUT a difficult concept to apply practically. If we succeed at applying practically the foundational assumption that life has our back; that life is in our favor; that events occurring in our life are not random, but are in support of us, then meeting life and its pleasant or unpleasant struggles or circumstances with a positive attitude is easy.

Our suffering comes from failing to adopt these fundamental foundational assumptions. When we choose to see life as against us, we live in victim-hood and continual suffering. Our job in life, our “true life’s work” is to raise our internal center of gravity to the level of happiness independent of external circumstances. If we accomplish this feat, then we can live without suffering and use struggle to benefit our growth and even more profoundly, our growth in consciousness.

I want to share a few techniques that I have used in the past to help facilitate this choice, in order to make the path easier for you:

  • Notice your internal state of being when something happens externally that seems less than ideal or appears unpleasant. See if you can catch your mind and stop the downward negative spiral by saying to yourself: “I might not be able to see what or how this experience might benefit me now, but I trust Divine and I trust that life has my back, so I’m going to meet this event with gratitude. I purposely choose to keep my center of gravity resting in happiness and/or in gratitude.”
  • ️Every day begin to tell a new story about yourself. “I am a powerful Divine Being that chooses to accept the Divine nature of life. I choose to have life recognize my value. I internally choose to resonate with love, with gratitude. People recognize my value and love and respect me as I am. I use high frequency internally and externally to live my life and create a high frequency external environment that supports the love in my life.”
  • ️Create a High Frequency home and external environment. Use various methods such as: playing High Frequency music, placing natural High Frequency stones and plants on your counter-tops that shift your living space into High Frequency. Decorate your home with colors that inspire you and bring your mind into High Frequency.
  • Choose real, homemade, organic food. Purchase fresh, grass fed, pastured, unprocessed food. Be creative! Cook yummmmy tasting meals. I found cooking my own food made a significant difference in my consciousness and frequency level. While cooking, I think positive, healthy thoughts sending them into the food.  It seems like a simple action, but it generates huge benefit in your system and your mental state.

The truth is, we live in choice. The choice lies not in what occurs to us or happens in our reality, rather the choice lies in our response to life and events. We are free will beings, Infinite Beings having a human experience. Our free will reigns in how we choose to see reality; to search for Divine; to create with Divine. Within us lies the power to generate a fun-filled, high frequency life.

How will you choose to use your free will?

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