You Are Enough!

If every person on this planet embraced the wisdom “You are enough”, we would thrive as a human race and most definitely live in peace. We would eliminate the “master/slave” mentality on planet Earth.

As humans, we have all experienced at one time or another the feeling of not being good enough. This feeling left unchecked, uncorrected allows our inner critic to hurt our self-esteem. I personally think this “not good enough” lies underneath most of our problems. It voices the standard way of thinking that has existed on this planet for thousands, or even tens of thousands of years.

You Are Enough!

Our cultural and philosophical support systems, or even our religious support systems, have not fully stood for empowering the individual into their own Infiniteness. To remind us that we’re Infinite Divine Beings having a human experience and that we are fantastic.

Unfortunately, the human expression receives most of the blame and we are encouraged to transcend, leave behind our humanity. We were not modeled to see our awesomeness, rather to see and accept our “wrongness”. My journey has been a rejection of “I am not enough”. I said “No! Not true.” AND I hope to encourage you to say no as well!

I believe that together, we are moving into this new experience of humanity, one that empowers the individual. This is why I created Self Synthesize! As a species, we are currently making this big shift. I want you to realize that you are enough; “You are enough!” Please know that every one of us is passing through this inner transition now.

I use my newsletters to support you to highlight that we are transitioning together; “Hey, I’m going through it with you, we’re doing it together!”. The old hierarchical system of “from teacher to student”. The belief of “the teacher up here, student down here”, sets up a unidirectional energy flow (one direction): from up to down. I’ve rejected this limiting social structure.

We are moving into a supportive system, a bidirectional energy flow, as we co-create together, and understand that we are ALL Infinite Beings having a human experience. My dear friends, the flow of life brings pleasant AND unpleasant experiences. This is normal and we have all have some kind of trauma from our past.

Sometimes these traumas may have not even originated from this life-time, but from previous life-times, and sometimes from other people in your lineage! Your ancestral lineage holds the trauma originating from many previous generations which accumulate as layers inside you.

Perhaps your great-great-grandfather’s emotions at a specific moment were passed down, not only genetically through the gene heritage at the moment of conception) but also epigenetically — that means above the genes, in an emotional sense, passed all the way through the lineage to you. My work with frequency in individual sessions helps clear lineage trauma. Frequency helps the layers of ancestral trauma disappear.
Remember, pain and high frequency can never coexist. Make the choice in your own life for high frequency, then those layers will dissolve; they can not remain. The beauty of this simple method stops you from having to “dive in and swim in” a story any more, contrary to current understanding in psycho-therapeutic circles. This was my fantastic and freeing discovery working with frequency.

Raise your frequency up! How? See my blog and our raise your frequency website page for more instructions.

When considering frequency, I want to highlight two key pieces:
1) Our awakening
2) Our intuition

Both represent parts of our natural state of being. Frequency supports awakening into our true nature and encourages our intuition to flourish as an inner compass.

As we raise our frequency, our inner intuitive capacity awakens. True awakening occurs as we discover our inner knowing. We are Divine. This Divinity is our birthright not a skill to develop, rather a knowing to remember. We are THAT.

My friends, know this Truth. Ask your Light Team if uncertain. They stand always ready to support and to help you. Always remember you deserve their love, guidance, and support.

Again, you ARE enough!

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