6 Signs High Frequency is at Work in Your Life

What is your Frequency quotient? Are you living in High Frequency most of time, sometimes, or rarely? Over the years, I’ve learned that the more often you live in High Frequency, the more often positive things happen. When High Frequency becomes a consistent part of your life, you’ll find that positive behaviors and traits emerge as if by magic. Life gets even better and easier! I find this super-interesting, so I put together a list of some of the benefits you can expect to experience when you’re living in High Frequency. I hope these motivate you to keep working to boost your Frequency.

6 Ways High Frequency Improves Your Life

1) You feel joyful, happy, and positive most of the time! Your smile comes from the heart and shines through your eyes, your mouth, even your skin. Once when I lived in India, I heard a spiritual teacher say that the hardest spiritual practice was to put a smile on your face. At the time, I honestly did not understand, but after reflection and working with hundreds of people, I began to see the truth of it. When we feel lousy inside, either from illness or fear or a bad mood (lower-frequency states) it is extra hard to smile and mean it. With High Frequency, instead of feeling knocked down by life, you perceive situations and events as positive and happening in your favor, and that makes you smile naturally.

2)  Cold and flu bugs pass you by. High Frequency helps you stay healthy and symptom-free most of the time. Chronic, troubling conditions like allergies will also clear up and the symptoms will disappear. Remember, illness exists at a lower frequency, so when you stay in High Frequency you have the power you need to boost to your immune system.

3) You become more patient. Events and behaviors that used to trigger you no longer hold the same charge, so you don’t lose your cool. And when things do go totally awry, they don’t cause nearly the same level of stress or upset as before. You feel an underlying sense of calm and steadiness deep within. I also find a greater capacity to shift from negativity to positivity even if an event does trigger me. This is hugely helpful, because each positive thought we generate creates more momentum for positivity!

4) You begin to make choices that support your maximum well-being and the well-being of others as your sense of compassion grows. Your food choices change, your activity choices change, your spending habits shift for the better. Even the smallest decisions are made with an eye toward creating a life of harmony. The world becomes a beautiful place to be. These changes can be subtle, so it may require some reflection to see them, but I guarantee you will see the overall trend toward peace, positivity and harmony.

5) The attitude of gratitude grows and pours from your heart. Gratitude overflows into your daily life experiences and interactions on a conscious level. You begin to see and believe that life has your back, and that life flows in your favor. A shift in the selective perception of the brain lets you see the inherent goodness in all Beings. This actually happens, sweet friends! I have repeatedly seen this shift in my long-term clients.

6) You take actions that are generative and co-creative instead of feeling helpless and that “life is against me, I’m a victim.”  You change yourself, and as you do, the world around you changes. You begin to take your life and situations more fully into your own hands. I regularly see this in my clients. After living in higher frequency for a time, they suddenly want to clean out their homes, give away their clutter, and make their surroundings lighter and brighter. Their physical space starts to reflect and support the increased peace and harmony in their interior space.

Use these 6 signs as guideposts reaffirming your beautiful journey into High Frequency, and know that there are many, many more! What shifts are you already experiencing and seeing in your life? Share your signs in the comments below!

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