Emotional Meditation Guide

One of the joys of meditation manifests in powerful emotional strength. In our busy modern world and lives where few situations offer emotional solace, meditation reaches out and meets us where we are. It only needs a few minutes of our time. Nice.

Research has shown that emotional meditation:
Reduces stress response, reduces anxiety, improves mood, reduces impulse reactivity, reduces survival response: flight, freeze, fight, reduces stress emotions like: fear, anxiety, anger, loneliness, depression, increases optimism, increases self-esteem and self-acceptance, increases resilience against pain and adversity, increases relaxation, increases awareness, develops positive social connections, increases emotional intelligence. 

A Guide to Emotional Meditation

Place your right hand on your heart and feel the beauty and power of your heart! As soon as you put your right hand on your heart the flow of vital force enters the heart. Research shows that simply placing your hand on your heart actually increases oxytocin levels, called the happy or prosperity hormone!

Say to your heart: “I love you. I love you heart. Thank you dearly for serving me so that I can be alive, so that I can experience life!” Notice the changes in your body when you speak as such to your heart. Notice how your body lets go, relaxes and releases. With your inhalation infuse into your heart: love, ease, and compassion.
You can say this out loud if alone or in your mind as you breathe in for a count of 4 and then, take a normal exhalation. On the 4 count inhalation: love, ease and compassion. Normal exhalation.

I suggest you place a smile on your face during the inhalation. Research shows that smiling causes a neural chemical change in your brain. So smile!! Inhale for a count of 4 with a smile on your face as you infuse love, ease and compassion into your heart.
Repeat for one or two minutes. Relax your arm down. Open your eyes and notice the space in the room, notice the quiet and peace infusing your immediate environment.

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