How High Frequency and Emotions Interface

We forget how powerful a role emotions play in our lives. Emotions provide clear, direct insight into our inner self. Emotions act like a loving, precise mentor, offering pointing out instructions โ€”> the place for us to start our inner journey; where to examine. Emotions pinpoint our immediate vibratory signature, and show our ability to connect into our own Infinite Beingness, our inner self. This connection offers the promise of drinking from the Infinite fountain of wisdom, knowledge, insight and inspiration available to each and everyone of us at any moment of time. We need to simply connect in, open up to, and receive this beautiful Infinite fountain of wisdom.

Sadly, most people are terrified of their emotions and either sink down into their deepest, darkest emotional expressions, or, they suppress emotions that do not feel comfortable and try to force themselves into positive emotions. A general, distorted perception arising from misunderstanding the โ€œlaw of attractionโ€ movement creates fear in some people. Divine, the Universe, the field of All That Is, the Ground of Being, whichever name is preferable, operates from the Law of Resonance.

This law operates through vibratory signature, emotional signature, not only thinking or beliefs. The combination of our head and our heart; our mental thoughts, our belief systems AND our emotional vibratory signature combine to send out an electric signal and frequency level held in our subtle field/body; the electric part of the electromagnetic signature. The magnetic part draws in people, experiences, events, objects, that match that vibratory signature and frequency held in our subtle field.

Not understanding this beautiful blend of emotions and beliefs, many people try to simply shape their minds, their beliefs and do not understand why their creations, or their lives do not match their desires. They force their minds to be positive, not attending to their emotions which begin to get suppressed.

Working with our emotions as our friend

One of the first steps to bring our systems into harmony, balance, and help us attract our exact desires, involves embracing our emotions. They are our friends. High frequency helps us raise consistently over time our emotional expression to the positive end of the spectrum of emotions. Sometimes, however, our emotional signature drops into lower frequency expressions of guilt, fear, shame, anger, frustration, etc.; and provides a choice point for us. We can either be frustrated with ourselves for our lower frequency emotions, or we can use these emotions as our teacher. My wish for you? Choose the latter. If you are willing to work with your emotions, they will guide you into deep hidden truths about your amazing Infinite, Divine Beingness.

How to work with our emotions?

I want to share with you a map of working with emotions to gently and with ease, raise the frequency of your emotional signature and remain at High Frequency expressions. I have used this general process repeatedly over the last 10 years for not only myself, but many many people that have worked with me. May this serve you!

๐Ÿ“Œ Spend three days noticing your emotions. Write down in a journal or on a piece of paper every single emotion that you notice AS you experience that emotion. If you are busy or at work and this is not possible, just before bed, spend 5 to 10 minutes reflecting on your day and write down all of the emotions you remember experiencing.

๐Ÿ“Œ After three days, rearrange the emotions into the spectrum of emotions: from the highest frequency or most positive, down to the lowest frequency or least positive. Make sure to write them from highest to lowest. Beside each emotion, write how many times you experienced that particular emotion during the three days.

๐Ÿ“Œ Be honest. Were your emotions more positive or negative? This signals your starting place.

๐Ÿ“Œ For the next three days be hyper-vigilant and notice when a negative emotion occurs. What triggered this emotion? What thought preceded this negative feeling? After watching and noticing, and then rinsing and repeating, a pattern of thoughts followed by emotions will appear.

๐Ÿ“Œ Most negative emotions arise from thoughts based in fear and/or false stories we tell about ourselves. Make note of your particular false story and/or fears. Take one day only and notice when your mind begins telling that false story and/or feeds on the fear. This is your choice point. Stop at that moment and consciously speak to your mind:

โ€œI know we have used this false story and fear in the past to help me feel safe. This strategy served me well. Now, at this moment and going forward in my life, I no longer choose to use this false story or the fear to protect me. It no longer serves me in my life. I now choose to tell a true story about myself: that I am a Divine Infinite Being, a Creator Force in this human expression. I choose now to move forward in my empowered self love and joy.โ€

๐Ÿ“Œ Rinse and repeat until you begin to notice that the false story, fears, and negative emotions simply fade. It usually takes between one month and six months to make a substantial and sustained shift in your thoughts and emotions. Continue until you notice that at least 90% of your thoughts and emotions live towards the upper end of the emotional spectrum, up in High Frequency. Maintaining this High frequency consistent over time begins to slowly shift your consciousness, raising your awareness and consciousness towards true knowledge of your Divinity and True Self.

I hope this helps! Please email me using our contact form, and let me know of your progress or if you have any questions, or any trouble applying this process.

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