Respecting All Life Bolsters Self Respect

Funny thing called synchronicity. I plan my blogs months in advance. When I wrote this month’s blog theme: “Respecting all life bolsters self respect”, I had not even heard about the coronavirus. In fact it was taking care of Earth that inspired this theme. And here we are in the middle of sheltering and physical distancing to help stop the spread. Perfect and beautiful expression of the theme for this month.

What interesting times we are experiencing! Most all of us have lived through a sheltering in our homes creating physical distancing. Or perhaps we are planning on such a measure depending on where we live.

This global situation offers us the opportunity to step back, slow down, rethink our values; reexamine what we have given importance to in our lives. We either like what we have created or, if not, this situation gives us the opportunity to reboot, change what we desire. In truth how many opportunities like this come in our entire lifetimes to slow down and reboot if we choose?

And still the best part? Our choice serves all of humanity! We have decided to respect all life by sheltering and exercising physical distancing so as not to contribute to anyone’s suffering. I personally am not afraid of the virus — I am not at risk and I have a strong metabolic system. My choice to stay at home comes from my respect for all life. And I must admit, it completely bolsters self respect and self love. I feel positive and uplifted by my decision. In fact, I feel honored and thrilled to be a part of a solution and to consciously add in to the health of all around me in my local community.

The exact same satisfaction arises when I also make choices to support a clean, vibrant Earth. A plethora of decisions exist to supportive well being of earth and all life on Gaia. Comforting that for whatever our life situation some choices will be available that will support higher consciousness and higher frequency and higher well being on Earth and for every living being. Empowering!

I wanted to share a few ideas that come to mind of ways we can respect all life whatever our financial position. This is not about finances, this is about love and compassionate choice!

📌 Before sleeping and upon waking send love and peace to all beings in all worlds.

📌 Send extra high frequency to all who are suffering on Earth.

📌 Make purchase choices that avoid chemicals and chemical additives like cleaners, foods, household items. Support local farmers — farmer’s markets, etc.

📌 Live in High Frequency and your presence in the world adds peace and inspires others to live in High Frequency. See this for ideas about raising frequency.

📌 Attend to our own “swamp” inside. What needs to be healed, released, addressed, brought into light and out of our shadow?

📌 Volunteer at local organizations: animal rescue operations, homeless feeding, family shelters, community gardens, self organize to pick up trash on walks, etc. The opportunity and need is endless!

📌 Love your neighbors.

📌 Support local small businesses.

Thus list is endless, but my hope is that at least one of these ideas inspires you into action and into your own unique gift to respecting all life!

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