Life Has Your Back

There isn’t anything that is impossible, even the word itself spells “I’m possible”. If you can think it, if you can imagine it, it’s possible. So whatever you imagine, don’t limit. What are you going to create for this year, what is it going to be for you, flying forth?

Remember life has your back, sweet friends, life always has your back. Even when it doesn’t feel like it has your back, it always, always does. I love this! Once you get it, once you realize how everything is perfect, every moment is divine, you just start to laugh. It just brings so much joy in your heart.

This is what I want for all, I don’t want youjust to be trudging through life. I want life to be this beautiful, vibrant, juicy life such that when you look at anything and everything that arises in your day, you realize that it’s actually a miracle. 

Who are you and are you willing to claim it? Are you really willing to step in to it? That’s what’s really important, it’s not what you wish or want, it’s who you are. I really want you to fly forth and remember life has your back.

If you look at everything that happens in your life and really be honest, you will realize that every single thing that happens to you in every moment of your day, or every single person that crosses your path, is there serving you.

It takes some dedication to actually see that and it takes a willingness to see it, but if you understand this and look at your situation, you realize that it’s serving you. Life has your back and it’s just reaching a hand out so you can keep growing in your consciousness and frequency.

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