Self Love… A Catalyst For High Frequency

I am fully convinced self love and self worth, or lack thereof, create many of our successes or our failures in life. There, I said it, and mercilessly left out context and foundation. FORGIVE me.

The truth is, at one point, my Light Team was instructing someone in the levels of emotional frequencies. They placed “self love” above “love”, trailing only: “joy”, “bliss”, “unity”. This totally surprised me, that they considered Self Love a Higher Frequency than Love. I am still unpacking this truth, and now see a glimmer of what this might mean, well, at least enough to recognize self love’s foundational presence.

Before I dive into self love and self worth, here is the emotional frequency scale Light Team used. Remember, when using any frequency scale: frequency moves bi-directionally, ie., rises and falls daily, even multiple times daily. Disclaimer: the scale below represents brevity in scope, and by no means contains all the permutations of emotional frequency.

Self Love — Our True North Star

You might be thinking, “How blasphemous! Divine or God is the true North Star.” Well… don’t forget, my definition of you, of me, of human is: Infinite Divine Being having a human experience. We are Divine, Divine lives within us AS us. I Am “All-That-Is” I Am. Why believe me? No need to; every Saint in recorded history has reminded us of this truth; sometimes in cloaked language and metaphors.

Another place to look for possible corroboration of this idea is the NDE literature. With razor like precision, thousands of those experiencing an NDE describe similar impressions. Even if we do not believe the “story” of the particulars of an NDE, the majority of people passing through an NDE reach similar conclusions: Everything is Divine/Love and the person having the NDE returns knowing they matter as an individual to All-That-Is. Profound.
Stay with me and I will ground this into practical life. A Buddhist monk once told me a slice of my future. He told me I will write a famous book and he gave me the title: Healing A Broken Spirit.

I have mulled over this title for more than four years wondering who has a broken spirit? Me? My friends/clients/family? My fellow countrymen? Humans in general?

Self Love Image

Recently in one early morning download, I realized that we ALL are broken spirits to a certain extent and the journey of life is to heal this wounding. What is that “broken spirit” part of us? The veil; we forgot our true nature and because of this we tell stories of our unworthiness, our lack of deservedness. We miss our real value — the very importance of our Presence, ie., the fact that we are alive IS the value.

Telling this untrue story about ourselves to ourselves and others repeatedly over a lifetime or half a lifetime, will generate insecurity in ourselves often hidden from our conscious mind. Then, the insecurity pops up in most encounters and experiences sometimes still hidden; existing in our subconscious or shadow self.

This insecurity translates into self-sabotaging behaviors, and also leads us to choices that further disassociate ourselves from ourselves and life around us. We fail to opt for choices leading to our stronger individual presence and clarity without the veil. Frankly, thrust by this insecurity, we end up making choices that spiral us down instead of choices that spiral us up, uplift us, and/or inspire us into more.

The choice to rediscover our self love circumvents this downward spiral and alone warrants ALL our efforts to re-establish self love, self worthiness, and self value within our inner heart and our inner self and in our external environment.

To love ourselves IS to love Divine. Everything in physical reality is part of All-That-Is; nothing is excluded. This is the true story all Saints have told us, and the truth philosophies and religions point towards. This is the Heroes Journey as Joseph Campbell wrote about. If you have read this far with me, please take sometime to correlate this Heroes Journey to your own life.

This is the path to establishing permanent High Frequency and Higher Consciousness. Each of us walking this path adds in to the greater goodness on the planet and promises the generations yet to come a world where everyone thrives; where all alive are respected for their unique differences.
Please feel free to browse my blogs where on multiple occasions I have written “how to” steps to raising frequency and to loving ourselves. Additionally, I downloaded a few fresh ideas about permanently establishing self love. Hope they serve and help you!

📌 Make notes for one day and tally the number of times your choices claimed your highest good and led to you spiraling up and how many times your choices led to you spiraling down.

📌 Choose one example of spiraling down from your above list that you determine would be easy for you to make a spiraling up choice instead. Practice the new spiraling up choice repeatedly for three weeks minimum. Notice how with each passing day it becomes easier and easier.

📌 Find an accountability partner/friend who agrees to call you everyday for three weeks to remind you of your beautiful Infiniteness and ask how you celebrated your Divinity that day.

📌 Give yourself a big hug at least twelve times a day! This is the number of hugs we need each day to thrive. Time to give that gift of love and thriving to yourself. A fair warning: this seems easy to do, and do not be disheartened if you find it a bit more challenging than you anticipated.

📌 After a month, take stock of what has changed for you. My prediction? You will be surprised. Hint: see who you still want near you in your inner circle…

Hope this helps your journey! Thank you for traveling with me in this game of life; I am honored.

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