The Impact of Your Soul

Often considered an enigma, the impact of the soul is felt in our human lives. This is the source of internal qualities such as inspiration, hopefulness, and the joy that precedes thought.

The influence of our inner soul impacts our lives dramatically. Changes affecting the soul impact the mind consciously or subconsciously, as well as the body.

Our sense of well being in mind and body comes from direct contact with our Inner Self. This closeness nourishes, refreshes and revitalizes our mind, body, AND our life experiences. When that connection is severed or nonexistent, we feel lost and without purpose; often struggling to maintain or have a sense of self.

At Self Synthesize!® we begin with the understanding every person is a beautiful, Divine Being having an experience as a human expression of creation! We do not see people as “broken”, needing to be “fixed”, or needing to reach “enlightenment”.

We feel each and every human is already “enlightened”; already Divine! This starting point enables and affirms our creative individual power and throws open the doors to infinite possibility! Every program we offer supports this awakening.

Topics which can support your soul include: Frequency – Vibrational Alignment and Guidance from Infinite Self!

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