The Impact of a Healthy Body

We can easily detect, see, or feel the signs of imbalance in our body. While we often hear about the importance of health for preserving the body, it is uncommon to also consider how an unhealthy body can negatively impact one’s mind and soul. Think of the body like a vehicle. To run smoothly without breaking down, an automobile needs regular maintenance: a tune up, oil, gas, a car wash.

The same is true for our bodies! We need regular physical maintenance for our overall well being in body, mind and soul. Many in the medical field now recognize that medical conditions from stress and unease are directly linked to emotional and mental stress.

The good news: we directly affect our mental and spiritual well-being by working with our physical body, and likewise, we directly affect our physical well being by working with our mental and spiritual well being.

Key areas to keep the body healthy and high in frequency include:

  • Yoga – A physical discipline that works on body, mind, and soul at the same time!
  • Physical Well Being – How the body works and how it is sustained!

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