Frequency, the Perfect Balm

Like I mentioned in my newsletter, this past month, many of us have experienced a whirlwind tour of our deepest inner questions and beliefs and emotions. Imagine having front rows seats to the final spring cleaning of inner pockets of emotions and belief patterns no longer resonating. Powerful. And at times Painful.  

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We all continue to grow and expand with each passing year. Sometimes we need a thorough emotional spring cleaning to clear out those thoughts and beliefs that served us before and might no longer be working in our behalf. Truthfully, they might actually be holding us back today.

Picture this image: When taking a college level English class, your first grade reading primer will not help you. Seems ridiculous doesn’t it?!?!?! Yes, time to give the primer away or throw it out!

At times an event triggers our deepest traumatic fears which then hijack our reptilian brain sending us into panic and adrenaline rushes, or rather, fight, flight, or freeze behavior. If we do not recognize what has come over us or our nearest and dearest, we can easily end up in unnecessary power struggles. Urrrghh. No fun, friends.

What to do? How do we smoothly navigate these moments? I thought it might be helpful to share the High Frequency techniques I use to handle these tricky situations. Maybe these suggestions will help you develop better tools during the heightened trauma moments.

High Frequency Tools to Soothe Trauma in the “hijack” moment:

  • Soothe the nervous system and mitigate the stress response with fructose like a piece of fruit, a spoon of honey, or a glass of milk or juice. Something healthy and sweet.
  • Lay comfortably on your back and do 5 to 10 belly breaths while repeating: “(Your Name – Ex: Lisa)” on the inhalation, and “I am safe” on the exhalation.
  • Turn on High Frequency tones or music or chants. These help soothe the brain.
  • Take an epsom salt bath — calms the nervous system.
  • Put your hand on your heart and inhale peace, safety, and love. Repeat for 5 minutes — moves the awareness to the frontal cortex part of the brain and out of survival reptilian brain stem.
  • Focus on and speak out loud or write in a notebook for 10 minutes what you feel grateful for, even simple events like: “I am grateful the sun is shining today.”
  • Ask your Light Team (the Beings of Light around you that support and guide you) to come in and help you calm down.
  • Speak to your inner self and acknowledge the trauma and the attempt to keep you safe through survival means. Explain to your inner self that you no longer choose this panic method and that you are indeed safe. Explain that you prefer to dialogue together and address the wound directly. This direct conversation diffuses the emotion — remember an emotion lasts only 90 seconds if you fully let the emotion express with no judgment.
  • Remind yourself that life has your back and everything happens for your highest benefit even if external appearance suggests otherwise.

Hopefully these offer you some new tools. Either way, remember how brave you are to have this conversation!!

My love and hugs to you!

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