Five Tips to Improve your Emotional Health

Here is a list of FANTASTIC tips to improve your emotional health, raise your frequency and fill your life with positivity! 

  1. Journal Three Amazing Things About You – Each night for one week, keep a journal by your bed and just before sleeping write three amazing things about yourself that you love! Each night, remember to read through all of the things you love, admire, and appreciate about yourself from the previous days.
  2. Disengage from Emotional Toxicity – Identify something in your life that is emotionally toxic, it could be a person, a feeling, a behavior. Make a firm commitment to create boundaries and disengage from it for seven days. Notice how you feel at the end of the week, if better, then decide to make this a long-term or permanent choice!
  3. Assess Emotionally Draining Activities – Choose one activity that leaves you emotionally drained. Choose one of the two following strategies: 1) Avoid! 2) Reframe and Engage!
  1. Refuse All Complaining – Make a firm decision to refuse all complaining for one full week! Simply do not gripe or complain for one week and watch how your world will dramatically change!
  2. Identify an Overwhelming Emotion – Assess yourself and find one emotion that overwhelms you or overwhelmingly appears in your daily experience. For one week begin to study this one emotion throughout your waking day. Notice when it arises, what triggers it, does it serve you, does it hold you back? Make a log and journal these observations. After a week begin to explore different strategies for how to engage this emotion.
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