Guidance From a Hair Tie

Remember the wise man who chose to view everything as his “guru” or teacher? Does “everything” include a hair tie? Well…

My story begins at White Rock Lake, in Dallas, on a hot and windy Sunday just before my birthday. That day my husband and I went for our walk an hour earlier than usual.

The sky was cloudless and the wind relentless, and of course I had forgotten to bring a hair tie to keep my hair out of my face.

Needless to say, I was miserable with my hair whipping around and the sweat pouring down the back of my neck. In an attempt to  alleviate my suffering, I used my hand to roll up my hair — until my arm became too tired and I had to stop to let it rest. Determined action at its finest!

My single, focused thought during the second half of our 4-5 mile walk? “I WISH I had a hair tie! I WISH I had a hair tie!” Understand the intensity behind this single thought! I was miserable and wanted relief ASAP.

That’s when IT happened…

I looked down, and lying on the path before me was a black hair tie exactly like the ones I use. Imagine! Do you know that before this I had never seen a hair tie on the ground on ANY of my walks?

I laughed and laughed and laughed. “Really?!?”, I thought, “Really, is that all it takes to manifest something? To feel and imagine it with such intensity?” A black hair tie — my manifestation powers at their finest!


Does this demonstration of a simple manifestation translate into “everything”? (Notice that we’ve circled back to the beginning where I asked if everything, including a hair tie, could be used as a teacher.) Of course it does!  
We are Infinite Beings having a human experience and we are creating our experience with each choice we make. So be aware. Choose wisely. Be clear about what you deeply believe, feel, and hold in your field. Then wish and desire it with your whole Being — with your cells, emotions, thoughts, and actions. Life has your back, my sweet friends. We are powerful, creator beings, choosing our experience of life in each and every moment!

To check in on what I’m in the process of creating, I find it helpful to turn my third eye inward and gaze upon my thoughts. One thing that helps me do this is to write down my thoughts for an entire day. This exercise is extremely valuable because it shines a light into the deeper recesses of the mind where hidden beliefs can bubble up as thoughts.

If you like what you write down, great! Carry on and make your thoughts conscious and deliberate. If you do not like the thoughts you write down, watch when they arise in real time, thank them and then CONSCIOUSLY choose another thought. This “in the moment effort” results in fast neural pathway changes.

Let me know how this exercise works for you, and if it makes your manifesting even more powerful.

In closing, I’d like to share my husband’s take on my amazing manifesting powers: “Bravo Lisa! Next time, manifest a CLEAN hair tie.” LOL

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