The Impact of Your Mind

A place of great power! We think and manifest thoughts that literally change how we feel in the blink of an eye! The interpretation of the world occurs in the mind. The impact of that interpretation moves beyond the mind and permeates both the body and soul.

Due to the selective perception of the brain, vast amounts of data enter the brain each second. It is impossible for the mind to consciously process all of the data.
The conscious mind thus makes a choice of what to focus on based on a filtration of past memories of events and experiences, beliefs we hold, emotions we feel and thus carry in our fields.

Your mind will literally go into the external world and seek only situations that match this mélange of beliefs, experiences, and feelings, while completely missing situations that do not fit into this internal picture. This can directly affect our physical environment, our body, and our soul.

Imagine someone standing just outside of your door holding a sign that says, “You are beautiful!” right next to someone else holding a sign which says, “You are not beautiful.” The sign one actually sees is determined by what someone deeply believes and feels about themselves.

Learning to harness this powerful tool within us brings the potential for full flowering as a human body, mind, and soul with a joy filled, satisfying life brimming with health and well being!

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