High Frequency Builds Healthy Boundaries

I have been thinking about and exploring boundaries over the last few months. Why do we create boundaries? Why do we need boundaries? Are boundaries healthy?

I remember my earlier days while still struggling with my self identity, my sense of self, my self worth and the like, boundaries gave me strength and a powerful sense of self when I could say: “No! Not okay!” Such behavior is not acceptable. I deserve more or better.”

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Truthfully, even to this day, I experience this fabulous strength from creating healthy boundaries. We all do and we all deserve such protective, self affirming choices/boundaries. I notice that it is much easier to create, define, identify the need, and execute healthy boundaries when I am in High Frequency and grounded, centered and “on point”.

Boundaries generate safety. Think about how we sometimes build a small fence around a growing plant  and tie a small string to protect and support the trunk until it has grown straight and tall.

On the other end, boundaries can protect a weak system. Think about our physical bodies. We are complex, open, intelligent systems symbiotic with the environment. If that system is not metabolically strong, it collapses inwards to protect the small amount of life force remaining. Called catabolic in biochemistry, it is a healthy mechanism to preserve life. Life wants to live, be alive. It represents the choice for life.

I have this theory. A hypo metabolic system or hypothyroid system will feel overwhelmed by most external forces. I have noticed a growing number of these types of dis-ease: chronic fatigue syndrome, Lymes disease, depression, emf sensitivity, etc.

This type of hypo metabolic system in a human will create strong boundaries and even prefer solitude to social engagement. The system might even become “stuck” in this catabolic state.

When a person is living in grounded high frequency, this system is anabolic, a state of growth, expansion. I have noticed in myself and others that an expansive state doesn’t need boundaries or borders or protective barriers. Overwhelm does not occur.

Life flows in cycles and one state transforms into another. Like the infinity symbol:

Remember that life is always a flow, we can expand and contract depending on our lives at that moment. The takeaway? We are in control and our beautiful living system always functions on our behalf. We in turn can support this cyclic system by choosing High Frequency and a life that supports metabolic health.

Thank you for coming with me through this maze of boundaries! Hope this helps you and I personally send my deepest appreciation for YOU!!

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