Raising Frequency Through Yoga!

A physical discipline that works on body, mind, and soul at the same time! Bringing your physical body into proper alignment and posture with a few simple key movements allows the mind to become balanced, peaceful, and properly centered.
This increases it’s connectivity with all parts of the physical and organic structure.

Aligning the body and mind helps increase your frequency and overall vibratory frequency rate, which creates the proper atmosphere for your soul, your Infinite Self, to be more present in the physical body!
Our clients receive superb help and instruction in simple yoga postures that help the body reach efficient and healthy functioning with minimal effort!

“I started working with Lisa at a time in my life when I was in severe anxiety, losing weight, not sleeping and not able to function. Through yoga, energy work and mindfulness she changed my life from one of fear-based living to love-based living. In six months she has transformed me into the strongest (inside and out), most capable and loving person I have ever been!” 

– Melissa

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