High Frequency Mental Health Protocol

Since this lock-down began back in March 2020, I have read many research articles and blogs discussing the importance of keeping our mental state positive and uplifted during this global condition. And honestly, even before this global lock-down, I have a folder full of research about the importance of a strong and healthy mind, and on positivity’s benefit to the mind, body, and emotions. Even the Dalai Lama has commented on several occasions about happiness and its positive benefits to the human being. 

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I do think it is important to emphasize high frequency solutions for maintaining a vibrant, healthy mental state. I ran across a slew of solutions to help the mind, but many are not high frequency. For example, a sector of the brain health folks like to micro-dose LSD and other hallucinogens. I completely disagree with this strategy which promotes lower frequency awareness. Thus I knew I needed to re-emphasize a high frequency approach and protocol for mental strength and mental vibrancy.

High Frequency Protocol for Mental Strength:

📌 Nutrients:

  • Begin at the foundational level: food.
  • Eat fresh food.
  • Eat homemade food.
  • Eat food without preservatives and/or additives.
  • Eat Local food if possible.
  • Grow your own garden with vegetables and fruits.
  • Drink coffee! Excellent for the brain.
  • Choose supplements that support metabolic health and balance the neurochemicals in the brain.

📌 Sleep:

  • Get six to eight hours of sleep.
  • Try to follow the body’s circadian rhythm: go to sleep by 10:00pm and wake up around 6:00 – 7:00am.
  • Go to sleep with a positive thought like the three things for which you are grateful (see below).
  • Fix any sleeping disorder so the brain can fully heal/rejuvenate during the night.
  • Wake up fresh.

📌 Movement:

  • Move your body a minimum of three times a week for half an hour.
  • Choose any form of movement you enjoy: yoga, running, rock climbing, walking, hiking, horseback riding, dancing, skiing — water or snow, swimming, lifting weights, bicycling, etc.
  • Be careful not to push the body hard unless training for a sporting competition. Challenge the body but do not leave the lungs gasping for air. This raises stress hormones in a negative way.
  • If the body is weak or not well, do something light like cooking or walking.

📌 Play:

  • We forget as adults the importance of play, enjoying ourselves, and having fun!
  • At least once a week, set aside time for play.
  • Choose any activity; do not worry about the opinion of others. Go play!

📌 Mental Practices:

  • Laughter; literally let yourself laugh at least once a day! Schedule it if necessary!
  • Music; choose any uplifting, inspiring music and listen during the day: hint-rap, hip-hop, hard rock are not high frequency. Choose high frequency music.
  • Smile; at any possible moment, smile! Set a time if necessary to remind you to smile! Smiling changes the chemicals in your brain. Smile while waiting in lines, while walking.
  • Gratitude; find three things every day for which you are grateful. Go to sleep reviewing your list.
  • Tones; play high frequency tones throughout the day.
  • Inspiration; listen to inspiring interviews and lectures while driving or cooking.

📌 Relationships:

  • Cultivate loving, supportive friendships.
  • If possible, be in a loving, lifelong partnership.
  • Cultivate good relationships with your immediate and extended family. If not possible, create your own family!
  • If possible, cultivate a loving relationship with a pet, dog or cat.

Hope this protocol helps. This list is not complete by any means. I can think of many many more high frequency practices. Encouraging! If desired, the best practices will cross your path in order to support your journey to strong and vital mental health.

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