How to Apply Frequency in Daily Life

How to Apply Frequency in Daily Life

Realizing that frequency impacts daily life begins the first step to change – acceptance. Applying frequency successfully involves integrating habits to complement your lifestyle choices. This creates sustainable positivity that stimulates progress through repetition. A few tips below consider the following criteria to help you with this:

  • Convenient to a hectic lifestyle
  • Involve little to no cost
  • Minimize time investment
  • Provide on-going support
Tip #1: Creating a Tranquil Space

Whether at work or at home, having a clean and organized space provides tranquility that raises frequency. Make sure the space contains clean surfaces, minimal items visible, plenty of natural light, and lighter colors. Fun highlights about this tip:

  • Create the space only once and then you are done
  • Benefit simply from being in the space
  • Maintain by reverting changes only. No changes, no maintenance.
Tip #2: Breathing – Anywhere, Anytime

Following an increase in stress or pressure, you can use this habitual exercise to calm your body and release the effects associated with a situation. When you inhale, mentally say to yourself: “I breathe in love.” When you exhale, mentally say to yourself: “I breathe out stress.” Do this for two to five minutes and focus your mind on breathing only. Fun highlights from this tip:

  • Works quickly
  • Creates a habit easily with low maintenance
  • Adapts to any situation as it can be done anywhere
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