Self-Love Ensures Healthy Love For All!

This month, February or “the month of love”, I am circling back to the theme of Self-Love. Valentine’s Day makes it so easy to get caught up in the “love fever” focusing on loved ones that your own Self-Love falls to the side and is lost. In the fall of last year, I also worked with this important quality. Recently, I noticed an even deeper level of importance with Self-Love and wanted to penetrate deeper.

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Not long ago, my husband and I were having lunch with a friend. During the lunch we both felt exhausted and drained of energy. Later driving home we discussed this phenomenon. My husband suggested that our frequencies were not resonate, which was true. AND I had a sudden realization: energy vampire. Now this term has a negative and dark connotation but really it is not bad, and has a simple explanation.

When someone does not work on themselves and dig deep into healing past traumas, they suppress and repress issues which make up the shadow part of themselves. This is a basic psychological concept. It is too painful and difficult to face these repressed issues which leads to all manner of behaviors like projection, etc.

Thus over the years this shadow grows bigger and the person uses all of their available vital force and vital energy keeping these issues in shadow, in the dark — out of sight so to speak. Then, when around others with higher frequency or vital energy, their own drained, energy-lacking system, sort of drains and takes the energy of the other person(s).

How does this relate to Self-Love? Well, it requires deep inner safety and inner strength and inner Self-Love to bring these terrifying issues out of the dark and into the light. If a person’s opinion of them-self is shaky or not firmly rooted in deep inner love and inner confidence, then imagine how difficult it would be to tackle painful and/or traumatic memories? Not to mention facing aspects of themselves that might feel shameful or embarrassing to admit.

However, once that move is made, than vitality, well-being and even their Self-Love increases. This willingness to self examine and boldly work on these out of sight issues generates immense wellness and well-being and vitality. It causes a big leap in consciousness and in frequency levels. Once we cultivate the strength coming from Self-Love, we then stand in a grounded strong presence that radiates out love. Often a person with high Self-Love operates the majority of the time in High Frequency with ease and minimal effort.

This radiating presence of love fuels the powerful love of others, the world, animals, and life in general. Without effort, this love arises and bubbles forth. Imagine the power of that love, a whole love without holes or missing parts like Self-Love! We see this powerful love in, not only saints of yore or still alive, but in deep unconditional love from a parent to child or even from a pet, or from a spouse or partner. One easy way to begin cultivating this Self-Love is High Frequency. Efforts to lift frequency concurrently increase Self-Love and love in general.

Together let’s turn this month of love first into Self-Love and then let that love spill out from our hearts and spread throughout our environment. For ideas of how to increase Self-Love, please see my blog here.

Through our combined efforts we can consciously send love to those in great need. During this month of love, let us make a difference in our lives and in those around us!

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