How High Frequency Supports You

High frequency – and raising frequency – includes the totality of an individual, unlike other modalities like Reiki or energy healing with a singular focus. High Frequency embodies an individual’s “whole” and completeness.

Experiencing the “total” frequency effect speeds up the body’s cells and molecules for the individual to vibrate overall at that high frequency. High Frequency ushers you into positivity, joy, compassion, possibility, and into an expanded consciousness. From that higher vista you can see the infiniteness of each moment, of each and every atom of your being.

Often modalities, even frequency work or energy healing focus on one single issue. And then what? After the session, how do you maintain the shift or healing? What support exists to maintain it? You see, humans are very complex beings with many moving parts needing a “whole” approach to affecting healing and transformational shifts. 

Regularly people come to me from a variety of single focus modalities unable to make a total change, or unable to hold the healing they received. As complex beings, we need a multi-layered tool kit for “whole”, “total” success. At Self Synthesize! we deliver that tool kit to help you sustain healing, change, and high frequency.

Maintaining high frequency over a consistent time causes patterns, beliefs, density blocks, etc to dissolve because they are out of resonance with the high frequency. Relentlessly maintaining your high frequency dissipates, dissolves all density, even hidden suppressed patterns and beliefs. In other words what psychologists call “shadow” is forced into the “light” to be handled and resolved.

And here lies the amazing discovery I made working with frequency: focus on raising frequency and what hides inside not resonant will automatically shift. Focusing on “releasing” the density, pattern, block etc as a single focus without including higher frequency empowers and grows the density and blocks. Powerful right? This explains my love of choosing high frequency and what it embodies in your life!

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