Rethinking Metabolism and Diet

I wanted to share my thoughts about how I am rethinking dietary concerns and metabolism. For the last couple of years I have played around with the Paleo diet and the very low carb diet focusing on fat and burning fat for fuel. At a certain point I had begun to gain weight and could not figure it out because nothing had really changed.

One of my friends on Facebook, a dear friend actually, posted something about an interview with a man named Ray Peat. Had I not respected my friend as much as I do, I might not have listened to the interview. It’s pretty amazing how even our friends on Facebook can make a massive difference in our lives and highlights the power in friendships no matter what platform is used for interaction!

Anyway, I listened to the interview and it left me sitting on my couch with my jaw dropped open, blown away as I sat and listened and realized what had gone wrong with my dietary choice of no sugar and low-carb. Burning fructose and sucrose for fuel is the most efficient fuel mechanism for the body and when we try to burn fat as fuel, it causes immense stress in the system via an adrenaline and cortisol response which eventually raises estrogen levels in the body and slows metabolism.

After listening to that first interview, I went on to listen to over 50 hours of Ray Peat on YouTube. You can find him and his channel and begin to listen to the videos. After a month of listening, it took me that long to wrap my head around the concepts he highlighted because they are often opposite what I had been trained and taught or what every nutritionist says or even the medical community, I decided to take the plunge and try out his recommendations for a diet to support and promote thyroid functioning and increase metabolism. 

WoW!! What a change in my energy levels and I finally begin to lose weight again. I could actually feel my metabolism speeding up and I have energy all day long from early-morning straight until just before bedtime with no dips in my energy level EVER. Now I have been trying this diet for about a month and a half and I must say it is rocking my world!!!

This book provides a fantastic beginning overview to understanding a pro thyroid diet and stimulating metabolism: How to Heal Your Metabolism: Learn How the Right Foods, Sleep, the Right Amount of Exercise, and Happiness Can Increase Your Metabolic Rate and Help Heal Your Broken Metabolism.

I wanted to circle back around this idea of diet as I know in the past I have spoken publicly about how much I enjoyed the Paleo diet. I feel a responsibility to let all of you know this new information I have learned. I did have some awesome takeaways from the Paleo diet; three takeaways: 

  • Eating fresh foods — nothing processed or pre-prepared — cooking myself from just pure raw ingredients.
  • Focusing on saturated fats and olive oil, leaving the poly unsaturated fatty acids behind — those are the liquid vegetable oils like canola, safflower, avocado, grape-seed, etc.
  • Leaving behind grains and beans.

I highly encourage all my sweet friends to look up this information and explore for yourselves. I guarantee that you will be blown away like I was.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer ahead and looking forward to hearing from all of you about our new website. My love to you all. I am so honored that you are journeying with me and that I have the honor of your beautiful presence around me… Hugs, Hugs, Hugs!!!

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