Increasing Intuition: High Frequency Revitalizes the Pineal Gland

Ever since I started my conscious spiritual growth and participated in several conscious spiritual communities, increasing intuition always stood out as one important goal of spiritual practices – well, amongst many goals to be truthful.

As we increase our intuition, we develop better tools to tune in and hear our Inner Self’s sweet, soft whisper. Reconnecting into this inner communication helps remind our busy human selves of our true Infinite Divine Beingness.

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 Our Inner Self shares relevant, beautiful and important information to help us more easily navigate life challenges along the way. Not to mention the continual reminder of our own Divinity; our true nature: beautiful Infinite Divine Beings. Our inner self offers a vast, rich, source of information and comfort.

The one catch?

Learning to listen to our inner world and recognize this soft voice of intuition. This voice is never loud or pushy or demanding in any way. Tuning in reminds me of the beautiful words: “Be still, and listen.” For it is truly in the stillness, in the calmness, and in the orderliness of our conscious Presence that we connect to our beautiful Inner Self.

When I started my journey of High Frequency, I quickly noticed that many of the people I worked with needed to tune up, open, and decalcify their Pineal Gland.

Overtime because of lifestyle choices, dietary choices, stress from our modern lives, and even aging, our pineal gland tends to shrink, dehydrate, and calcify. MRI images of brain tumors show the calcified pineal gland. Overtime this less then healthy functioning pineal gland produces a reduced amount of the hormone melatonin which can lead to problems like insomnia, extra stress etc.

I discuss this in more detail and give specific ways to help decalcify the pineal gland in my Self Synthesize! Radio Show for March 2019 (starting the 12th). Use this link to access this helpful information.

Using High Frequency alone, numerous clients and friends revitalized their pineal gland’s and dramatically increased their intuition. Some, previously unable to even experience their Inner Self, their inner world, their Light Team, or any sort of intuitive phenomenon, all began to tune in to that intuitive voice, eventually experience their Light Team around them, and even increase their intuitive skills!

For the special frequency recording this month, I chose Frequency to Decalcify the Pineal Gland. Listening to this recording daily for one or two months can support growing innate intuitive skills. Go here for information on how to obtain and download this recording.

Another mechanism to open your intuition is this simple technique I give to clients:
📌 Lay in a comfortable position on your back.  
📌 Close your eyes.  
📌 Place your right palm (left palm is also fine to use) on your forehead with the elbows supported.  
📌 Visualize Golden Divine Light flowing from your right palm to your pineal gland and then back from your pineal gland to your right palm.
This creates a circular energy circuit that opens and heals the pineal gland.

Remember, do not be discouraged and give up. This process of revitalizing the pineal gland takes time, dedication, and persistent practice. I opened my pineal gland and I certainly know you can as well. I believe in you!

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