Living With an Eye on Health

I have come to the realization that my understanding of health has radically shifted recently!  This inspired me to muse over the words “health” and “healthy lifestyle.” What do these concepts really mean? Are they stated in terms of absence, as in “an absence of illness” OR are they positively stated, as in “optimal biological, emotional, and mental functioning?”

As a person steeped in wellness and the human potential movement, I now choose the positive end of the spectrum to describe my health: optimal biological, emotional, and mental functioning.

AND an even more seductive idea? These intertwine in a symbolic relationship to manifest my optimal well-being and joy.

NOW is where the conversation gets really interesting.

I could clearly see how I’d been living a fear-based model of needing to support a broken system (mine). I was taking supplements as immune stimulants, to uplift my energy, soothe my adrenals, and on and on. This arose out of a life-long struggle with compromised health. When I was born, I developed a staph infection in the hospital and truly struggled for years to rebuild my immune system naturally. ~~Gulp~~ I finally realized that I was living in a highly negative spiral, and could not even see it – believing all the while that I was living a “healthy lifestyle.”

Once I came to understand the work of Ray Peat, as I discussed in my May blog, I shifted my diet to a pro-thyroid-stimulating diet and have watched my health zoom upwards as if on a rocket ship!! My energy has improved, my adrenals have balanced out, my mood has improved, my cognitive functioning is sharper, I’m no longer catching viruses, and fatigue has virtually disappeared.

So… would this diet be considered a healthy lifestyle? Partially. The other pieces of my daily life that I haven’t mentioned fill in the gaps. First, I have a steady daily yoga practice. This supports my overall optimal biological functioning and my positive mood. Yoga lifts up my vital force which helps me maintain my high-energy state and tremendous energy output.

I also actively choose positive thinking, and I keep my frequency level high so that my field vibrates out positivity and high-frequency energy. This attracts situations and people in resonance, which in turn reinforces the positivity and high-frequency. It’s a fabulous feedback loop that only gets better with time.

Here is the full complement of actions involving mind, body and spirit that constitutes a “healthy” lifestyle for me now:

Pro-thyroid diet and optimal biological functioning + yoga and healthy body movements + positive thinking and high-frequency level = healthy lifestyle choices which in turn promote and reinforce the pro-thyroid diet, optimal biological functioning, yoga and movement, positive thinking, and so on. The system builds on itself, and so the upward spiral continues!

My sweet friends, I hope this helps and maybe gives you a fresh way to look at your own life and what the words “healthy lifestyle” mean to you.

My deepest love to you all. I wish I could take my arms and physically HUG each one of you right now. Consider it done!

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