How Vibrational Frequency Impacts Yoga

I have practiced yoga for over *gulp* 30 years… whew, that seems like an eternity. What makes this conversation interesting is that I have practiced and taught yoga *with* and *without* frequency, or the understanding of frequency.

What difference does frequency make in yoga? Speed! The rapid movement forward in yoga! Remember higher frequency means a growth in consciousness and awareness as well as moving us into a positive state or frame of mind — vibrational frequency often generates intense motivation and a sense of expansive possibility.

Yoga and Frequency

These two components create fast advancement in yoga. Interestingly, yoga also causes this awareness growth, though alone, without using high vibrational frequency, this growth and transformation takes much longer. In fact yoga is the science of the Self, the Union of the self with the Self.
Using frequency along with yoga leaps us rapidly forward in our yoga efforts, often effortlessly.
Not to mention how both together accelerate transformation in our lives!

One of my clients told me that with my vibrational frequency work alone she made more progress in her life in 2 months than she made in 15 years with a psychotherapist. I hear this sort of testimonial frequently from my online clients who work with my monthly frequency fusion. AND on top of these encouraging results, add in a good yoga practice! Look out world!

Practicing yoga creates a peaceful, happy, energized state just after practicing. This state grows more steady throughout our full daily life over years of practicing. Frequency does this fast, often can happen in days. Of course, regular exposure helps in the beginning to maintain high frequency. Together, hand in hand with with yoga, our desires, dreams become our immediate realities!

A point I call the point of no return, blossoms in each of our lives as we journey down the road of growth and transformation, where once passing, we never go back to previous consciousness and/or frequency states — a point of no return. We stay more tuned-in, tapped-in all our waking hours. I have noticed over the years that those who combine high frequency and yoga cross this line much faster than those who practice yoga alone.

Are you ready?!?!?! I am, so come join me!

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